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Be prepared for bad weather! – Flags should be taken down if winds exceed Beaufort scale 6 (31 mph or 27 knots) Read more here 

Forecourt Windchaser

The Windchaser is now available with a drive on base. We can provide a 2m Mistral Flag complete with 3 part pole.

The Forecourt Windchaser is perfect for vehicle retail and promotions. The 2m Mistral shape flag is used with a extra height 4m pole this elevates the graphic and ensures that the flag flies clear of the vehicle. It comes complete with a drive on base and is compatible with all kinds of cars and light commercial vehicles.

Forecourt Windchasers are a great choice if you’re looking to position a flag together with a vehicle whether your selling or using it as part of a promotion. The distinctive mistral shape flag is used together with a 4m flexible glassfibre flagpole which is manufactured to our own design. The flag is 2m high and is designed to be clear of the vehicle to ensure no possibility of it catching the paintwork.

The Forecourt windchaser flag and pole rotate on their base to track the wind direction in a similar way to a weather vane, this spills the wind and creates movement to further draw the eye. Forecourt Windchaser flags are available in 2m size. In each case the pole is 2m longer than the flag so it stands clear from the ground.

The flag comes as standard with a drive on base which is suitable for any ground surface and particularly Tarmac or Concrete the flag and pole come complete with it’s own transport and storage bag. If you would like a base that is suitable for other use see our windchaser accessories.

The pole is supplied in colour coded sections which easily push together, max pole length 1.5m making them practical to transport.

Flags are Printed Digitally on our state of the art textile print system, the design is dyed into the fabric making sure it is colour fast. The rear of the flag is a mirror image of the face but has the same vibrant colour. Artwork templates can be downloaded from our library. You can upload artwork at the same time as you place your order, or proceed straight to checkout and we will contact you to assist once we recieve your order.

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