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Would Scotland Voting For Independence Mean A Change To The Union Jack?

With Scotland voting in the September 2014 referendum to decide on whether or not to achieve independence from the United Kingdom, there is already debate on whether a “yes” vote will mean a change to the current design of the Union Jack.

Obviously there would be need to be some form of act of parliament to enforce or agree to any change but vexillologist Ralph Kelly said even if legal problems were overcome, the basis of the argument against change was that the current design of the Union Jack flag represented the United Kingdoms history and ”these British elements would probably not change if Scotland [were to achieve independence] from the United Kingdom” he said.

Mr Kelly said it was entirely possible Britain would maintain the current Union Jack due to its history, even in the event of Scottish independence.

However Chris Deegan, Managing Director of Flagmakers is not so sure.

He says that although it is all conjecture for the moment “I think the Scots would have the Saltire as their flag and the Scottish Lion to keep the royal connection (the latter is already seen as a royal flag in Scotland).  If this happens the Union could justifiably change and there are two possibilities:-

1.  Just remove the saltire from the Union leaving a white field with two red crosses on it, or
2.  As above but bring in the Welsh side of things.  Maybe a green and white field with the two red crosses?
What do you think will happen? Let us have your thoughts in the comments section below.


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