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Disraeli School and Children’s Centre, Buckinghamshire

As part of our work with the UK Parliament to create the fantastic Parliament Square display for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, we are showcasing each of the flags created by school children from throughout the country. This flag design comes from Disraeli School and Children’s Centre, Buckinghamshire.

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Region: Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Position: 26 (See Parliament Square map)

Photo of flag flying © Flagmakers.

The finished flag 26-buckinghamshire-disraeli-school-and-childrens-centre

“This flag represents The Disraeli School in High Wycombe, in the county of Buckinghamshire.

In the middle of our flag is burgundy because it represents our school and we are proud to be pupils here. Emerald green on either side because it represents the countryside which surrounds our town. The circle represents our school community and the true friendship we share. Within the circle is the infinity symbol which represents our constant perseverance to learn and willingness to improve ourselves. Yellow was chosen because we are bright, unique, shining stars. Ultra marine represents the River Wye which runs through our town and also our local football team. Wycombe Wanderers! The swan in the centre is the county emblem of Buckinghamshire, the feathers are beach leaves which reflect the furniture industry of High Wycombe and also remind us of Hughenden Manor, the family home of Sir Benjamin Disraeli whom our school is named after.

We are very proud of being named after such a respected, wise and important member of parliament. Six children in Year 6 were chosen for this project for their creativity, enthusiasm and artistic talent and they worked on this flag for 2 sessions.”

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