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Fairfield Infant and Colneis Junior School, Suffolk

As part of our work with the UK Parliament to create the fantastic Parliament Square display for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, we are showcasing each of the flags created by school children from throughout the country. This flag design comes from Fairfield Infant and Colneis Junior School, Suffolk.

The submitted design 1417174653839db098a83ae69982577a830c41dac9bcf-extralarge

Region: Suffolk

Position: 16 (See Parliament Square map)

Photo of flag flying © Flagmakers.

The finished flag 16-suffolk-fairfield-infant-and-colneis-junior

“Being a coastal constituency, our flag design represents golden sand, wavy sea and a clear blue sky. The sun is shown to be rising to reflect our location in the east of the country. Finally, the emblem in the middle is based on a Martello Tower. This is a sturdy fort, dating back to Napoleonic times, and they can still be seen dotted along the Suffolk coast from Felixstowe to Aldeburgh.”

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