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Flag for Parliament

Flag-for-ParliamentAs part of the Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebrations a flag was designed to represent modern Parliament. Since the event Flagmakers have commissioned one extra flag for lead artist in the project Jonathan Parsons.

The flag was designed by Mr Parson’s himself, the vibrant colours and pattern represent the diversity within modern Parliament. This particular flag was part of the wider flag project for parliament (read more on the flag project here). In brief the project saw school children from up and down the country designing flags which they felt represented their home towns and democracy – with some fantastic results.

The hundreds of designs were whittled down, with the remaining winning designs to be flown outside Parliament and at Runny Mede as part of the celebrations to mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. The winning children’s drawings were reworked by our art room and prepared for production, alongside Jonathan’s design.

As a special thank you to Mr. Parson’s for choosing Flagmakers to produce these beautiful one-off sewn flags we were able to commission the production of an additional flag for him to keep. Luckily for us Jonathan had asked for the help of Flagmakers during his studies, having been pleased with the work he selected to use our services once more.

This was a wonderful project and one as I company we were overwhelmed with the opportunity to be so heavily involved. If you would like to read the full story please see the rest of our Magna Carta Flags series:

If your school’s flag was one of the winning designs then we wrote a little article about your flag too, as well as having some great pictures. If you want to see more simply enter your schools name into the search box above.

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