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Kingsland C E (C) Primary School, Staffordshire

As part of our work with the UK Parliament to create the fantastic Parliament Square display for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, we are showcasing each of the flags created by school children from throughout the country. This flag design comes from Kingsland C E (C) Primary School, Staffordshire.

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Region: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Position: 35 (See Parliament Square map)

Photo of flag flying © Flagmakers.

The finished flag 35-staffordshire-kingsland-coe-primary-school

“Our design team featured sixteen children from Key Stage Two. Firstly we watched the flag video and noted that most of the flags were divided into halves or thirds. We used this concept to break our flag up into imaginary thirds so that the flag was balanced.

Our design team were inspired by our local heritage as being the home of the pottery industry and the bottle kiln symbolises our MP’s constituency. We used the outline of a bottle kiln as the main design element. Kingsland C.E Primary School is a Christian school and part of our ethos is taken from Mary Stevenson’s poem ‘Footprints in the sand’. We have used footprints on the left hand side of the flag, as we have footprints up around our school walls to remind us every day at Kingsland that ‘We are walking in the light with Jesus’.

Our local MP Tristram Hunt represents Stoke Central and to make sure that our flag does too we have included the Staffordshire knot to represent our local community. We used Citron yellow for the kiln and Staffordshire knot, then offset it against Ultramarine blue which represented the sky – these are also our school uniform colours.”

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