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Northumberland Church of England Academy, Northumberland

As part of our work with the UK Parliament to create the fantastic Parliament Square display for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, we are showcasing each of the flags created by school children from throughout the country. This flag design comes from Northumberland Church of England Academy, Northumberland.

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Region: Northumberland

Position: 6 (See Parliament Square map)

Photo of flag flying © Flagmakers.

The finished flag 6-northumberland-northumberland-coe-academy

“We launch the flag competition with a local Wansbeck museum (Woodhorn) with our students. The student were given a heritage talk about Wansbeck and interactive with artefacts which represented the area – mining lamps, bait boxes and coal.

We had 30 students involved from year 6 and 7 in creating our flags. Then as a student parliament the group voted which flags where the most successful and presented them to Head. The flag has several aspects of Wansbeck. Firstly the red emblem of the Wansbeck parliament constituency (red for the passion the local community has for its heritage-pitmen painters, people and football).

Students also have blue stripes running through the flag to represent the river Wansbeck which runs through all the towns and villages of constituency. We have brown areas to represent the mining history and yellow for the sandy beaches.

The centre of the flag is a modern mining wheel representing the 10 main areas of the constituency. Due to the metals and colours rule we had to repeat the yellow, but each section is supposed to show the great variation of each area but how we all work to together to make Wansbeck a great place to live.”

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