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The Chorister School, Durham

As part of our work with the UK Parliament to create the fantastic Parliament Square display for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, we are showcasing each of the flags created by school children from throughout the country. This flag design comes from The Chorister School, Durham.

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Region: Durham

Position: 7 (See Parliament Square map)

Photo of flag flying © Flagmakers.

The finished flag 7-durham-the-chorister-school

“Our design was inspired by the surroundings of The Chorister School and by things which the children felt were important to the city of Durham. Our year 6 group each designed a flag (25 children) and then three were chosen to be combined for the final design.

The final design has three main parts. The centre is purple with St. Cuthbert’s Cross in the middle. Purple is a very important colour to Durham and to our school. It is part of our uniform but it is also the main colour used by Durham University and an important colour for the Cathedral.

St. Cuthbert is a famous north east Saint and his shrine is in Durham Cathedral. The cross can be seen throughout Durham, including on The Chorister School uniform and is a symbol often used to represent our area. The blue section represents the river which surrounds our school and the city centre of Durham.

The wheel represents the rich mining heritage of the area. Blue, along with yellow, is used to represent Durham in many badges, flags and county symbols. The final part of the flag represents the iconic building of Durham Cathedral.

This building is the reason our school ever began and is still an integral part of who we are today. It is also a World Heritage Site and a place which we are proud to be associated with. It represents the spiritual centre of our region and city.”

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