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BBC Six Nations Blunder – Italy and Bulgaria Flags

Rugby Six Nations-Flag Blunder BBC

BBC bosses were feeling rather pleases with their clever Game of Thrones spoof intro until things started to unravel. Somehow the flag of Bulgaria featured next to Stadio Olimpico NOT the flag of Italy you would expect.

One Italian newspaper (La Repubblica) shamed the BBC’s Six Nations Video writing “they must have been trying so hard they got completely confused between Italy and Bulgaria”

The BBC were of course forced to alter the advertisement and speedily amended the version on their website… However that doesn’t stop the incorrect version becoming a YouTube hit with comments such as “Great sport, shame about getting the Italian Flag wrong”, “What a shame” “the Italian Flag is WRONG!” it continues.

The trailer was aired ahead of the opening game between England and Wales last week. BBC Sport were quick to correct the error “It was a brief error on the graphic which has been corrected.” Refusing to comment on the cost of the advert deeming it commercially sensitive to discuss.

Hopefully the BBC won’t be making a habit of struggling with Six Nations trailer’s with last year’s been banned after it was dubbed anti-English and this year’s flag blunder. Frankly, I think they were probably lucky to have not caused greater upset and outrage with this blunder. Other nations may have been less forgiving than to let the BBC off with just a media slamming.

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