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Children’s Flag Competition

Poole Maritime Festival

We are proud to sponsor the Children’s Flag Competition at Poole Maritime Festival hosted by Borough of Poole. The festival will have the prestigious European Maritime Day which will attract 1000’s visitors from different parts of the Europe continent. The European Maritime Day is organised by the EU Commission’s marine division which encourages attendees to share their knowledge and skills with each other.

The festival has three parts to it: the European Maritime Day, Public Festival and the Business Programme. We are pleased to get involved in Public Festival as we will be producing fifteen most beautiful, colourful and creative flags designed by children aged between 5 and 11.

The competition is now live, and if you have a little one that is bursting with ideas and creativity, then please click on the link below to enter the competition as this is a great opportunity for children to express themselves in an enjoyable way.

Also, the winners will be able to keep their designed flags after the event with a certificate to prove that they have played an important part of the Poole Maritime Festival!

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