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New: How to Sewn Flag Guides

Video Guide - Making the Union Jack

We are pleased to announce our new sewn flag guide videos are ready! You can now gain an insight into how we manufacture our sewn flags here at Flagmakers. Trust us there is much more to it than a rectangle of fabric!

Let the professionals guide you through the process, were the experts. We have been making flags since 1837, when the great George Tutill founded his flag and banner business. Flagmakers is also a Gold registered member of the Flag Institute. This gives us access to 100’s of accurate flag patterns meaning we never miss a trick in the flag world.

The first video we released had to be the Union Jack of course! The video slowly takes you through the sewn assembly of the 31 pieces in the Union Jack puzzle. Then you will be guided through how we fit the edge of the flag including the rope and toggle at the very top. [Watch]

Our second video features the iconic Canada flag, it’s a great example of how we piece together a sewn flag and the skills necessary. This particular flag has an element of appliqué and requires supreme accuracy to create the bold effect. [View Now]

Flagmakers then guides you through the manufacture of a sewn appliquéd corporate flag. In this case a jewellers, as this is a somewhat bespoke flag for a client it goes through our design studio and fabric printer so our lovely machinists can begin to sew using the printed guidelines. [Click Here]

Finally our last video looks at the process of using printed elements on sewn flags. The example shown is one of our metropolitan police flags. This flag has an appliquéd chequered outer boarder and features a large central badge which is printed then appliquéd into position. [See Now]

All that’s left to say is Flagmakers hopes you enjoy the videos and learn a little about the skill and detail that actually goes into the flag flying up high!

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Written by...

Paul Noble

Paul Noble is the current Sales & Marketing Director of the Flagmakers Group. He oversees both teams and retains a hands-on customer-facing role.

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