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Union Flag on Driving Licence Controversy

Union Flag on Driving LicenceThe Union Jack will now be appearing all new driving licences. The change is been deemed as providing road users with a symbolic sign of their national identity.

The change will apply to motorists in England, Scotland and Wales and the Union flag will now appear alongside the EU flag on UK driving licences. The Union flag on driving licence application seems logical in the sense that it may aid identification when travelling abroad.

Transport Minister Claire Perry commented “People in this country rightly take pride in our national flag which is why I am delighted it will now be displayed on British driving licences.”

“Celebrating Britain strengthens our sense of national identity and our unity. I will feel proud to carry my new licence and I hope others will too.”

Don’t worry if you already have you licence you won’t miss out! The next time the photocard is updated you’ll receive the new Union included licence.

However, there is already a 3000 strong petition in Wales titles “No Union Jack on Welsh licences”. The Welsh government have even labelled this action by the DVLA as “insensitive”. Strong feelings quickly appeared against the small symbol featuring. Debating why not the Welsh and Saltire opposed to the Union standardisation.

With even stronger views its Northern Ireland who are not participating in the scheme and will continue with the old style driving licence.  Mr Donaldson of the SDLP has suggested that the option to have the Union included should be offered to Northern Irish drivers, not forced upon them.

No doubt the debate will continue, at the moment there appears to be no movement from the DVLA on the subject. However the number of petitions is growing as well as the number of people signing them. Watch this space on the Union Flag on Driving Licence controversy story!

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