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UK space agency Union Flag logo may be stolen

The new logo revealed by the UK Space Agency is causing controversy, as sci-fi fans claim it was stolen from Dr Who! The logo feature an image of a section of the Union JackFlag, with a red arrow zooming up into the air from the design. However, now fans of hit TV series Dr Who […]

Britney Spears sports union flag belt while out to lunch

After infamously shouting “What's up, London?” when she appeared live in Manchester, Britney Spears is trying to win our hearts by flying the British flag – around her waist-band. She has been spotted wearing a union flag-emblazoned belt this week while out with her boyfriend in LA. Maybe the move was her way of trying […]

Welsh flag to fly proudly at homecoming parade

The mayor of Caernarfon, Hywel Roberts, has urged residents and business owners to show support for troops at the homecoming parade on Wednesday by waving the Welsh flag. The parade is taking place to mark the end of the Welsh Guards' tour of duty in Afghanistan last year. It is expected that more than 150 […]

Union flag cushion raises money for charity

Luxury furniture designer Mark Elliot has launched a British Pride charity cushion, inspired by the union jack, to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Sales of the union flag cushion will also raise money for the Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children with Cerebral Palsy, a specialist charity for children under five […]

Anger over strikes from British flag carrying airline

There have been suggestions that the British public are angry that British Airways is able to continue to carry the union jackFlag on its branding despite the recent strikes. Another session of strikes are planned over the Easter holidays, and the airline is only expected to run around 60 per cent of its scheduled flights […]

Canadian Red Ensign flag to fetch thousands in auction

Sotheby’s is preparing to sell a one-off 142-year-old Red EnsignFlag, which is expected to fetch as much as CA$60,000. The June auction will offerFlag enthusiasts the opportunity to buy a "rare piece of Canadian history,” according to Sotheby’s president David Wilcox. He explained the flag’s important history: "ThisFlag has been part of Canada's identity, one […]

Last Irish rebellion tricolour flag worth half a million

The last tricolourFlag of the 1916 Irish rebellion is to go on sale at an auction in New York, where it is expected to fetch as much as £500,000. The story goes that the tricolourFlag was ordered by revolutionary leader Sean MacDiarmada 94 years ago. TheFlag featured green, white and gold from left to right, […]

Retailers experiencing boom in Union Jack sales

It seems anything featuring the famous design of the Union Jack or union flag, as it’s sometimes known, is selling well, according to retailers. There are several reasons for this craze, claim the retailers, including the recession, a sense of nostalgia for times gone by and the upcoming Olympics in 2012. Whatever the reason, department […]

English flag from Devon flies over commonwealth warm-up

The UK’s champion female shootist, from South Zeal in Devon, took a St George’sFlag all the way from Okehampton, near where she lives, to the Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships in Delhi last week. Georgina Geikie returned from the event – which is very much seen as a ‘warm-up’ for the Commonwealth Games which will take […]

Union flag ban causes outrage in Colchester

Colchester Borough Council recently announced that it has banned the erection of the union flag on the roof of its Rowan House building due to health and safety fears. The decision has caused outrage among some councillors. The council concluded that scaffolding would need to be put up in order to raise and lower theFlag […]