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Last Irish rebellion tricolour flag worth half a million

The last tricolourFlag of the 1916 Irish rebellion is to go on sale at an auction in New York, where it is expected to fetch as much as £500,000. The story goes that the tricolourFlag was ordered by revolutionary leader Sean MacDiarmada 94 years ago. TheFlag featured green, white and gold from left to right, […]

Retailers experiencing boom in Union Jack sales

It seems anything featuring the famous design of the Union Jack or union flag, as it’s sometimes known, is selling well, according to retailers. There are several reasons for this craze, claim the retailers, including the recession, a sense of nostalgia for times gone by and the upcoming Olympics in 2012. Whatever the reason, department […]

English flag from Devon flies over commonwealth warm-up

The UK’s champion female shootist, from South Zeal in Devon, took a St George’sFlag all the way from Okehampton, near where she lives, to the Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships in Delhi last week. Georgina Geikie returned from the event – which is very much seen as a ‘warm-up’ for the Commonwealth Games which will take […]

Union flag ban causes outrage in Colchester

Colchester Borough Council recently announced that it has banned the erection of the union flag on the roof of its Rowan House building due to health and safety fears. The decision has caused outrage among some councillors. The council concluded that scaffolding would need to be put up in order to raise and lower theFlag […]

Flags auctioned to pay for Everest attempt

A 22-year-old woman from Wokingham in Berkshire is auctioning off three flags to help fund her attempt to climb Mount Everest. Bonita Norris, a media graduate who had not climbed until eighteen months ago, is offering people the chance to have their name or a personal message put on one of the flags, which Norris […]

Union Jacks and South African flags line The Mall

To mark the official state visit of Jacob Zuma, the South Africa President last week, The Mall was decked out in Union Jacks and South African flags. The huge flags were hoisted up the officialFlag poles that frame the famous stretch of road that runs between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. The official visit commenced […]

Union Jack flags will welcome troops

The Redditch Royal Legion and the Redditch branch of the Parachute Regimental Association are to sell Union Jack flags at an event to welcome the Mercian Regiment. The Regiment is to march through the streets of Redditch on 20 March in honour of being granted the Freedom of the Borough of Redditch. Locals will turn […]

Plymouth Hoe hosts Girl Guide flag-flying event

A celebration of World Thinking Day took place at Plymouth Hoe last week and a huge number of Girl Guide flags were flying high at sunrise to mark the occasion. The event involved 10 million Girl Guides from different countries around the world and the girls were encouraged to think about their fellow Guiders to […]

Flag pole stolen from pub by Scottish activists

A pub landlord has had to pay a price for his patriotism by having theFlag pole for his Union JackFlag stolen. Mike French, who owns the Old Mill near Aberdeen, has previously fallen foul of the Scottish organisation, The Society for Removing Unions Jacks in Scotland. In 2007, during the Scottish elections, they stole the […]

Canadians wear their flags with pride during Olympics

Canadian sports fans have demonstrated their love for their country during the Winter Olympics with the help of huge Canadian flags. Reports claim you could see the iconic maple leaf flags draped over spectators from some distance. Sales of Canadian flags have soared and Olympic spectators were happily dressing in white and red to show […]