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Tutill Banner Discovery

Tutill-BannerIt is still surprising to us to learn that another George Tutill banner has being discovered after all these years. This recent case being no exception, thank you to a Mr David Selby for getting in touch.

Flagmakers were more than happy to try and assist Mr Selby in finding out a little more about his beautiful old-fashioned banner. The banner has lost some of its definition over the years but is a good example of what was a working and well-loved hand crafted banner.

The banner belongs to the Living Waters Church of Alice Street, South Shields, which was formally known as the Gospel Temperance Union. The banner was originally designed and manufacutured for the Unions Sunday School.

Mr Selby eventually managed to track us down, with a little help from a very faded label, in his mission to find out more about this unique antique. This was following David’s contact at the Beamish Museum being unable to help in narrowing down when the banner may have being painted.

Without seeing the banner it is incredibly difficult to advise even a rough date. What we do know is that the banner is at least 50 years old! Considering that factor it looks in pretty good condition but is sadly now not in parade use. This is largely due to fears that the fabric is too weak and the banner may become irreparably damaged if taken out on parade.

These antiques can still be replicated by our hand-painting team. However restoration is much trickier as it is often the fabric which has become weak over the years, rather than the paint.

A beautiful discover and one we would like to thank Mr Selby for sharing with us. We have since being able to shed a little more light on the banners background and highlight places where he might be able to see these striking banners restored for museum displays.

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