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Flag Institute 25 years awardWelcome to Flagmakers. It's kind of obvious but the name says it all.

We make flags, but not just any flags. Having been established way back in 1837, our flags have graced some of the finest locations in the world. They might not be an every day purchase for most people, but when you need a new flag it would be nice to know that you are dealing with one of the UK's longest established flagmakers, and we still manufacture here in the UK. To get started, use the menu above or choose one of our main product categories below.

Our Blog

Magna Carta 800th Anniversary

The Magna Carta has become a landmark in history and its implications and legacy still stand strong in modern ideals. The document has broken barriers in languages and cultures in ... Read More

UK Students Create Flags Celebrating the Magna Carta

The Flag Project has seen schools from every county designing flags which celebrate democracy and will collectively create a unique digital exhibition along with a collection of se... Read More

Flagmakers Create Flags for Magna Carta Celebrations

Flagmakers were selected to be the supplier of 80 flags, which make up the flag project. The flag project is about raising awareness of democracy among school children. This is par... Read More

Why should we Celebrate the De Montfort Parliament?

2015 is set to mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the treaty which laid the early foundations for British democracy. This year also saw the anniversary o... Read More

VEDay70 & The Union Jack

What a wonderful commemoration VE Day proved to be in 2015! As a flagmaker it was simply spectacular to see so many flags and standards on such proud display over the weekend. It m... Read More

Ysgol Gynradd Aberaeron, Cardiganshire

My flag is designed to represent Ceredigion. It is divided into 3 vertical sections. The middle section has the Welsh dragon to represent Wales. Above the dragon is the sun to repr... Read More

Crowmarsh Gifford Church of England Primary School, Oxfordshire

This flag represents our community and how we shine as individuals. The Oak Leaves represent the plants and life in our community and also how we thrive as learners. They symbolise... Read More