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Flag Institute 25 years awardWelcome to Flagmakers. It's kind of obvious but the name says it all.

We make flags, but not just any flags. Having been established way back in 1837, our flags have graced some of the finest locations in the world. They might not be an every day purchase for most people, but when you need a new flag it would be nice to know that you are dealing with one of the UK's longest established flagmakers, and we still manufacture here in the UK. To get started, use the menu above or choose one of our main product categories below.




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New: How to Sewn Flag Guides

We are pleased to announce our new videos are ready! You can now gain an insight into how we manufacture our sewn flags here at Flagmakers. Trust us there is much more to it than a... Read More

Royal British Legion Mourning Drape

Here at Flagmakers as part of our relationship with the Royal British Legion, as a Registered Supplier. We manufacture Black and Union Jack Mourning Drapes. Although a sombre subje... Read More

Royal Marine Association Marquee

Flagmakers recently created a beautiful marquee for a client at the Royal Marine Association. The Royal Marine Association marquee is to be at the associations Taunton base. This w... Read More

Union Flag on Driving Licence Controversy

The Union Jack will now be appearing all new driving licences. The change is been deemed as providing road users with a symbolic sign of their national identity. The change will ap... Read More

Merry Christmas from Flagmakers

We would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. With Christmas almost upon us we are celebrating a solid year at Flagmakers and ... Read More

George Tutill Regalia Antique Discovery

Tutill made many items similar to this, often labelled regalia. The small but ornate designs were often attached to Tutill’s work as a mark of his work and of quality. Much like ... Read More

Jon Leaves Flagmakers and Moves North

Friday was a day of mixed feelings for us here at Flagmakers as we say goodbye to Jon our Graphics Manager. Although he is not getting away that easily! Jon has made a big move up ... Read More