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Flag Institute 25 years awardWelcome to Flagmakers. It's kind of obvious but the name says it all.

We make flags, but not just any flags. Having been established way back in 1837, our flags have graced some of the finest locations in the world. They might not be an every day purchase for most people, but when you need a new flag it would be nice to know that you are dealing with one of the UK's longest established flagmakers, and we still manufacture here in the UK. To get started, use the menu above or choose one of our main product categories below.




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New Exmoor Flag Unveiled

The Flag world has been excitedly waiting for the unveiling of the new Exmoor Flag. The flag was created to coincide with the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the Exmoor National P... Read More

20 Questions with Flagmakers’ Marketing Executive Amy Bumford

We managed to grab 10 minutes with our usually-busy Marketing Executive Amy Bumford, to ask her 20 questions about her work at Flagmakers and her life outside these four walls.... Read More

Tadley Legions New Standard

Special guests joined members of the Tadley and District Royal British Legion for the dedication of a new Standard and the laying up of the old Standard after a wonderful 39 years ... Read More

PoleLED Exclusive to Flagmakers

Flagmakers is excited to announce we have exclusivity of a very exciting new Flagpole product. PoleLED is all about displaying your flag, day or night in its best light. Flagmakers... Read More

Red Ensign Enters Rolex Swan Cup

A recent client approached Flagmakers as a supplier of the specialist Red Ensign flag. Mr Jennings has since sent us a few photos from his latest adventures. Mr Jennings and his te... Read More

Wales: No Change to Union Flag

Wales only polls have suggested that the majority of Welsh people aren't too concerned with their lack of representation in the flag. “During the Scottish referendum campaign th... Read More

New Zealand Post Referendum Jitters

We are still a Union of Countries and we still have our Union Jack, but not everyone is happy. News is flying around regarding the New Zealand Prime Ministers appeal to remove the ... Read More