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Flag Institute 25 years awardWelcome to Flagmakers. It's kind of obvious but the name says it all.

We make flags, but not just any flags. Having been established way back in 1837, our flags have graced some of the finest locations in the world. They might not be an every day purchase for most people, but when you need a new flag it would be nice to know that you are dealing with one of the UK's longest established flagmakers, and we still manufacture here in the UK. To get started, use the menu above or choose one of our main product categories below.




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Flagmakers in order from historic Oriental Club

The Oriental Club has a well-established past, tracing its roots from Major General Sir John Malcolm creating the Club in 1824, for "Noblemen and gentlemen associated with the admi... Read More

Flagmakers supports PACE Charity on latest fundraising event

PACE is an Aylesbury-based charity that helps provide essential support to children with motor disorders, such as cerebral palsy. The group was first established in 1990 in convert... Read More

Flagmakers aids Daily Mail in Union Jack April Fools caper

There has been a lot of speculation over the past couple of months about the fate of the Union Jack should Scottish independence be realised and the union broken up. Since its ince... Read More

20 Questions with Flagmakers’ Sales Manager Kirstie Hawes

What makes a good sales manager? KH: To not expect more from others than you would give yourself, to show your team you care, to set an example, and learn from our mistak... Read More

Kent proudly flies Flagmakers Flags on St George’s Day

The Streets of Gravesend were reportedly "awash with a sea of white and red flags to mark all that is great about England on St George's day", and we're proud to say that the large... Read More

Garden charity Midsummer Gardens gets flag from Flagmakers

Midsummer Gardens is a charity not quite like any others. The one thing the UK has in abundance is enthusiastic gardeners who spend much of their time and effort in perfecting thei... Read More

Flagmakers supports young artist at MOSTYN Awards

MOSTYN gallery, described as one of Wales’ leading art galleries in the area of contemporary art, is a Llandudno-based gallery which is home to the annual Open awards. Running... Read More

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