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Flag Institute 25 years awardWelcome to Flagmakers. It's kind of obvious but the name says it all.

We make flags, but not just any flags. Having been established way back in 1837, our flags have graced some of the finest locations in the world. They might not be an every day purchase for most people, but when you need a new flag it would be nice to know that you are dealing with one of the UK's longest established flagmakers, and we still manufacture here in the UK. To get started, use the menu above or choose one of our main product categories below.




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Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games

Over the next 10 days, 4,500 athletes from over 70 nations will compete in 17 sports in the hope that a year’s tough training will bring them a medal win. More than 1 million fan... Read More

3, 2, 1 Sales Competition

Flagmakers is proud to announce Kim Cockram as the winner of our Sales Team Competition. The competition ran through the second quarter of this year, Kim accepted her choice of... Read More

Using and Maintaining your Flagpole in 3 Easy Steps

Here at Flagmakers we are passionate about looking after your new or upgraded flagpole installation. We are here to advise and guide you in caring for the requirements of the pole ... Read More

20 Questions with Flagmakers’ Sales Executive Charlotte Thomas-Lines

This morning our Sales Executive Charlotte Thomas-Lines arrived into work 10 minutes early, so we grabbed her and asked her 20 questions about her work at Flagmakers, her free time... Read More

Case Study: Manchester Museum Flagpole Removal and Installation

Here at Flagmakers no challenge is too big, small or precarious for that matter. The recent removal and installation of a flagpole at the Manchester Museum proved quite a challenge... Read More

UK Prepares for Armed Forces Day

This Saturday, the 28th June 2014, the UK celebrates the sixth annual Armed Forces Day. The event, set up to raise public awareness of the contribution made by the armed forces ... Read More

Historic Ottoman flag returned to Turkey

In 1918, Field Marshal Edmund Henry Hunman Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby, head of Britain’s Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) in World War I, was pursuing the Ottoman’s Fourth... Read More

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