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About Us

george-tutillSince before the beginning of recorded history flags have played an important part in human life. Archaeology has revealed their use in the Middle East over Five thousand years ago, in Egypt in the first dynasty and in ancient China. In those days ‘flags’ were solid objects on poles. Flags as we know them today began with the roman ‘vexilla’ (a square of cloth hung from a horizontal bar) and ‘draco’ standards (hollow cloth tubes designed to inflate with the wind).

Mr. Turtle & Mr. Pearce set up shop in 1872 in the London Borough of Southwark – close to the home of Charles Dickens – after winning a contract to supply the Royal Navy with signalling flags, and quietly started to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of flags, banners and pennants.

We’re still here, making flags and banners by hand in the traditional way for some of our oldest clients, just as we have done for over a century.

Our business philosophy is simple: every customer, every order, is important to us and we strive to extend the very best service and advice to guide you to choose the product that will perfectly suit your requirements.

George Tutill was founded in 1837, initially for the production of processional banners and regalia for Trade Unions and Friendly Societies. Their flags were flown at the Great Exhibition in 1851.

Tutill joined forces with Turtle & Pearce in the 1950s, mainly to develop their flag trade facilities.

Able Flags was founded as P & R Pennants in 1954 by Messrs Peartree and Raynor in Essex and moved to the South Coast in 1978. Able Flags joined the Group in the early 1990’s. With their combined client bases, expertise and products the Flagmaker Group has become one of the major suppliers in the UK.

Flagmakers Sustainability Policy

Flagmakers is passionate about sustainable business practice and protecting the environment. The four R’s (Remove, Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle) are at the heart of the business’ approach to sustainable working.

We appreciate the nature of the business makes sustainable practice challenging. Flagmakers ensures resources are consumed cautiously, minimising waste fabric and printer ink via new revolutionary technologies and careful planning. In the factory, we will operate a ‘turn it off’ policy to ensure that lights and equipment are fully turned off (not left on standby) when not in use.

The company works with a diverse range of materials – ensuring these are used economically and recycled where possible is a crucial part of our environmental work. Our full policy document below expands upon how Flagmakers recycles the majority of materials including: Aluminium, steel, paper/cardboard (packaging), fabric and inks.

Flagmakers is passionate about continuing to develop and improve business processes to ensure we are as eco-friendly as possible. Investment in new machinery and tools continues to ensure the business remains as environmentally neutral as possible.

You can read our Sustainability Policy here.

Flagmakers Ethical Sourcing And Manufacturing Policy

You can read our Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing Policy here.