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Be prepared for bad weather! – Flags should be taken down if winds exceed Beaufort scale 6 (31 mph or 27 knots) Read more here 

Advertising Flag Products

Flags are not just there to communicate a company name they can also form a highly effective method of promotion, advertising and brand awareness. Textile flags are an inexpensive way of attracting peoples attention. The design can link with event or brand artwork and connect with other advertising in a campaign.

Full colour print means product images are no problem with vibrant and exciting colours to catch the eye.

City Dressing

Flags are a great way to theme an event they provide a visual signature that visitors will identify with bringing movement, height and colour. They can be used with permanent poles but are particularly successful with portable poles so they can positioned exactly where you want them.

Shaped Flags

Shaped Flags can be manufactured to follow the contours of the pole or the artwork. Their unusual style is a further way of grabbing the attention of your audience.