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In this section we are showcasing a lot of the information that we have collected over the 176 years we have been operating as Britain’s oldest Flagmaker. Below you’ll find articles of all varieties, general information on flags and vexillology, and (over time), a lot more!


General Articles

Flag Flying Calendar

Not sure when to fly the flag of your country? Or which flag to fly on the Commonwealth Day? Check out our new flag flying calendar and keep up to date!

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How-To Guides

Our How-To Guides are choc full of very interesting information on how to look after your products, how to choose which product you need, plus much, much more!

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Buyers Guides

Take a look at our expertly-crafted Buyers Guides, created to help guide you through the products we have available and help you decide which will best suit your needs.

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Flag Facts and Figures

With more facts and figures about flags than you can shake a stick at, this section contains a wealth of miscellany and information guaranteed to impress anyone, vexillologists included!

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Flag Memorabilia and Collectables

Flags and standards have been used for centuries, and in that time the world has created some remarkable collectible and memorabilia items of the symbols which bind a people together.

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Magna Carta Flag Gallery

As part of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, we produced 80 unique flags created by children from schools all across the United Kingdom. See the gallery of flags here!

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Materials and Fabrics

Have you ever wondered what kind of materials and fabrics we use at Flagmakers? Take a look behind the scenes of our workshop and see our materials racks!

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