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Flag Memorabilia and Collectables

Flags and standards have been used for centuries, and in that time the world has created some remarkable collectible and memorabilia items of the symbols which bind a people together.


1967 Brooke Bond Tea: Flags and Emblems of the World (Series of 50)

In the late 1960’s my mother learnt to hate Brooke Bond tea. It had nothing to do with the quality of the tea – which has stood the test of time...

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1966 Lipton Tea: Flags of the World Trade Cards (Series of 60)

Back in 1966, when Lipton Tea was one of the most popular brands of tea in the UK and abroad, they released a series of collectible cards celebrating world flags.

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1936 John Player & Son: National Flags and Arms (Series of 50)

One of the earliest examples of flags being used as a promotional cigarette or trade card was the 1936 set produced and published by John Player & Son.

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Cigarette & Trade Cards Portraying National Flags and Emblems

When W.D.& H.O.Wills started issuing small tickets with wording on, Cartophily (the official name for Cigarette Card Collecting) was born in the UK.

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