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Bunting and Handwaver Flags



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Bunting (also known as pennants on tape) is a great way to dress a building or venue.

Originally made as a simple decoration to brighten an area up, it is now a great method of promotion and can be used as a PoS display.

Handwaver flags are ideal for mass public events and promotions.

Very helpful staff (thanks Carmel!), and quality product.
Vanessa Papavgeris

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Product Options

Printed Bunting

Printed Bunting is a totally bespoke product. We can manufacture to your exact requirements. Pennants can be rectangular, triangular or die cut to shape. We have a wide choice of materials and we can make up in the length you require.

Printed Bunting is a very effective and inexpensive PoS item. It is easy for retailers to use and provides a large area of visibility for a relatively small item size. It can be co-ordinated with shelf and pack displays as part of your campaign.

If you need guidance please talk to our sales team, we realise that it is an unusual product for many buyers so let us help you specify the correct type for your requirements.

  • Paper, synthetic paper or PVC
  • Printed to the design of your choice
  • Multiple pennant designs
  • Square cut or die cut shapes

All our bunting is supplied in lengths tied up for ease of handling. We advise a maximum length of 10m per line, otherwise you’ll end up in knots. If you need it longer just tie two lengths together.

National Flag Bunting

National flag bunting – Great at big sporting occasions, a natural choice for pubs and other licensed premises if you are looking to attract fans to the big game. 2010 is a World Cup year, a key promotional opportunity.

  • 9m or 10m lines of bunting, 24 or 25 pennants per line
  • Tough polyethene material suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Large choice of nations available

Plain Bunting

Our multi coloured Bunting is manufactured from re-inforced PVC and is ideal for many different applications, as standard with 10 different alternate colours or we can make it specially with the combination or your choice.

  • 9m or 10m lines with 24-25 pennants per line
  • Robust re-inforced PVC or nylon
  • Multicoloured or red, white & blue as standard
  • Special colour combinations to order
  • 200mm x 300mm triangular pennants

Handwaver Flags

Our range of handwaver flags are ideal for mass public events and promotions. Whether a royal visit or sports crowd, a great promotional give away and very likely to catch the attention of cameras and the media who may be covering your event.

Handwavers are made to a high quality coated paper, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, finished with a sturdy plastic or wooden stick. Produced in any size from A5 upwards, we recommend A4 as a good all round size.

  • National handwaver flags of any country in polyester or paper
  • Corporate handwavers printed to the design you require

A popular option is to combine a national flag on one side with advertising on the other, this adds value to the user and increases usage.




Product Reviews

Very helpful staff (thanks Carmel!), and quality product.
Vanessa Papavgeris

We will definitely be back for future orders - Brilliant bunting
Vanessa Ovington, The Beacon

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