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Ceremonial Flags

Ceremonial flags are used by many organisations at formal ceremonies and on special occasions. Manufactured to strict guidelines these flags are made from fine fabrics such as Raycot, Polycotton and Silk.

Our clients include:

  • The Royal British Legion
  • The Order of the Bath
  • The Order of the Garter
  • The Boys Brigade
  • Ex-Services Associations

These flags are highly decorative, a real source of pride and a rallying point for organisation members. Your ceremonial flag will be made adhering to your strict guidelines, ensuring it meets your expectations.

Each standard is hand made and bears the association or regimental crest and the branch name and is finished with ornamental braid & trimmings. We can add Panels for awards, trophies and honours.

Standards for the Royal British Legion

Porters (now part of the Flagmakers Group) are the preferred supplier of ceremonial standards to the Royal British Legion. We manufacture to the precise, nationally approved patterns. British Legion Standards are often in service for 40 years or more and so the correct manufacture is critical.

We can also supply a full range of Anniversary Pennants and Scrolls and Stars can be added for Lister Cup, Haig Cup and Maurice Cup Awards.

Our accessories are manufactured to perfectly complement the standards and again these match the nationally approved designs. Two types of Carry bag and flag winding cloths are also available to ensure your precious flag is kept in best condition. Please see the options below.

Perfection, thank you!
Julien Chilcott-Monk

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Product Options

To compliment our range of flags we offer a complete range of ceremonial accessories. These conform to the correct style for national associations. For full details and answers to all your queries, please speak to our sales team.

Our range of Ceremonial Accessories include: (Please note our Brass Spear Point is brass plated with a lacquer finish unsuitable for polishing)



7ft Darkwood, 8ft Lightwood Ceremonial Flagpole with Brass Spear Point Mount


Leather Carrying Strap


Brass Bucket inset


White Ceremonial Gauntlets Sizes: S, M, L & XL


Art Silk Cords & Tassels available in Gold or Red, White or Blue


Leatherette Carrying Bags


Single pole base dome style


Twin pole base dome style


Triple pole base dome style




RBL Price List

RBL Price List

Product Reviews

Perfection, thank you!
Julien Chilcott-Monk

Item delivered to Ireland ahead of schedule (item needed for St. Patrick’s Day Parade). All round service was excellent and very pleased with the product.
Brian Lyons

We have just received the banner and we are really pleased. It is exactly as we had hoped. We will place the order for the other banners shortly! Many thanks. Great job

It's a pleasure doing business with you and your firm, first rate and efficient service, would be difficult to improve on. Look forward to receiving the gauntlets, with the new Standards they should finish everything off perfectly for Remembrance Sunday.
Mr E Smith

Flag's up and looks fantastic. Just great to talk to a human being on the phone, Carmel was very helpful, courteous and efficient. When I picked up the flag later the young gentleman who looked after me was lovely too. Thank the Lord for the personal touch and that it still exists. Enjoy your weekend and hope the sun stays shining for you.
Teresa Watson

Thank you for the pennant and the new Standard. We were able to put the pennant on our Standard for Remembrance Day, which was great. The ordering process was very easy. Thanks to all the staff for their work in producing these pieces for Cinderford.
Heather Harris, RBL Cinderford

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