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Be prepared for bad weather! – Flags should be taken down if winds exceed Beaufort scale 6 (31 mph or 27 knots) Read more here 

Festival Flags

Our range of Bamboo Poles combined with multi-coloured flags have proved extremely successful in transforming the landscape at Festivals, Concerts, Garden Parties, Weddings and a variety of Product Launches.

Festival Flags have brought a new dimension to site decoration; bright, eye-catching and atmospheric. With their height, movement and colour they enhance the inherent beauty of our landscapes and have a great appeal.

The flags are made from polyester and printed using water-based inks. The poles are immensely strong and add to the overall style of the product.

We have adapted the bamboo to create a rotating arm, which allows for changes in wind direction and have developed a range of bases suitable for all ground conditions.

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Product Options

Should I buy or hire?

Festival Flags can be either purchased or hired and in recent years hiring has been the most popular option. Festival Flags are supplied for a minimum of 2 days – please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

How many do I need?

The recommended number of poles needed to create sufficient atmosphere in a one acre field is 40. Spectacular results can be obtained when 60 or more poles are used to dress a hillside or similar feature.

What designs and styles are available?

We have existing popular designs and are constantly developing new designs. Festival organisers often provide us with a ‘brief’ and their own unique design.

What are the standard designs?

Our standard designs include the Clover series, principally using reds and blues, Bright Eyes and the Music Series with multi coloured options, but with orange, white and cream as stock items.

Hiring – the complete service

If you choose to hire we will:

  • Undertake a site survey and write a risk assessment relative to crowds and associated risk
  • Discuss the stock flags or alternate designs unique to the festival
  • Coordinate and implement installation
  • Provide supervision
  • Dismantle the poles and flags after the event
  • Provide full insurance




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Template Guide

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Installation Guide

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Artwork Guidelines

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