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Be prepared for bad weather! – Flags should be taken down if winds exceed Beaufort scale 6 (31 mph or 27 knots) Read more here 

Sports Flags

Sports Flags


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Made in the UK

Flags are used in a huge number of sports.

  • Assistant referees
  • Course & pitch markers
  • Safety flags
  • Decoration

We can advise on the correct regulations for your sport and provide all the necessary accessories to ensure their correct usage.

Product Options

Race Marshall Flags

Marshals Flags are an important safety feature at all motor racing venues. Enabling quick and clear communication from trackside to the drivers. Our flags conform to the FIA recommended patterns.

  • Finished with sleeve and ties
  • Made to regulation sizes
  • Available with or without poles



Blue Flag – Faster Car Approching


Yellow Flag – Local Caution


Red & Yellow Flag – Oil or Debris on Track


Black Flag – Disqualification or Penalty


Cheqered Flag – End of race or session


Green Flag – Restart after Safety Car or hazzard


White – Flag Final Lap or Slow Vehicle on Track


Black & Orange Flag – Car needs to stop


Red Flag – Session Stopped


Black & White Flag – Unsportsman Like Conduct

Golf Pin & Club Flags

Available either plain or with hole numbers, in a range of colours. For corporate golf days why not choose our printed pin flags.

Clubhouse Flags

  • Choose from our printed or sewn options for a fine quality club flag.
  • Fly the crest from your clubhouse pole.
  • Choice of sizes available.

Golf Pin Flags

  • Finished with sleeve and ties to fit directly to the pin
  • Standard size 15″ x 12″
  • Available single or double sided finish
  • Triangular or rectangular options
  • Available Plain or Printed
  • Standard 450mm x 350mm Size
  • Sleeve and ties to fit any existing pole




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