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Flagmakers are one of the UK's longest established flag makers, specialising in hand-sewn and digitally printed flags, all manufactured here in the UK.

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Flag Institute Spring Meeting report

Last Saturday saw the annual Spring Meeting of the Flag Institute, the UK’s leading body on flags and their use in all aspects of daily life. The Institute, funded entirely by members and organised events, consist of some of the most passionate and enthusiastic vexillologists (those who study flags and flag-flying) in the country. Their Spring Meeting is an excellent opportunity to meet up in the fine weather of May and discuss recent news, current activities, and future planning which help shape laws, attitudes, and the commercial flag-making industry in our country.

The Spring Meeting was held in the Huxley Building of Imperial College London, a maze-like venue to the uninitiated but with a sense of prestige and a buzz of academia; even on a sunny Saturday dozens of students and faculty were walking the campus.

Ysgol Gynradd Aberaeron, Cardiganshire

My flag is designed to represent Ceredigion. It is divided into 3 vertical sections. The middle section has the Welsh dragon to represent Wales. Above the dragon is the sun to represent the warmth of the welcome in Ceredigion. Silhouetted by the sun is the red kite. This bird symbolises the Welsh language. Ceredigion has been a stronghold and both the bird and the language are thriving in the county. The left section has a blue background to represent Cardigan Bay and the right section has a green background to represent the land and the farming tradition of our county.

Crowmarsh Gifford Church of England Primary School, Oxfordshire

This flag represents our community and how we shine as individuals. The Oak Leaves represent the plants and life in our community and also how we thrive as learners. They symbolise ‘learning’ and our school motto of ‘being the best we can be.’ We should always strive to be the tallest Oak Tree, reaching out and achieving goals that challenge us. Therefore, this also highlights how our constituency should always strive to ‘be the best’ it can be. Green represents our school colour and how we are central to our village.

Arnold House School, Middlesex

St John’s wood is our local area of Westminster at the North West end of Regents Park, home to Lord’s Cricket Ground and Abbey Road Studios. St John’s Wood has a vibrant and rich heritage which is celebrated by its residents. We chose green to symbolise the colour of Regent’s Park which was once part of the Great Forest of Middlesex together with the rest of St John’s Wood. White represents Lord’s Cricket Ground with the cricket ball placed in the middle of the central section.

Wheatfields Primary School, Huntingdonshire

As part of our work with the UK Parliament to create the fantastic Parliament Square display for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, we are showcasing each of the flags created by school children from throughout the country. This flag design comes from Wheatfields Primary School, Huntingdonshire. The submitted design Region: Huntingdon Position: 77 […]

Gordon Primary School, Berwickshire

The flag was designed and made by pupils: Abbie, Emily, Bartek and Patricia. The colours chosen were blue for the sea and rivers in our area. The yellow was for the crops farmers grow and green for our green fields.

Howdenburn Primary School, Roxburghshire

Our design was inspired by the natural environment within our constituency. The colours of red, yellow and orange remind us of the beautiful sunsets we have here. The black tree symbolises the capon tree which is one of the last surviving oak trees of the ancient Jed Forest. The red and blue cloud behind the tree are the festival colours of Jedburgh. There were twenty-one children involved in the original design process and from that two children produced this design.

Newington Primary School, Dumfriesshire

The parts of the shield in the middle represent: Top – castles and royal burghs Middle – sheaves of corn for farming Bottom: water for the 3 main rivers which all begin from the same source The stripes are coloured purple for the royalty and green for land (and part of Dumfriesshire and Tweeddale regional colours). Designed by Newington’s Primary 7 pupils.

Garlieston Primary School, Wigtownshire

We chose these pictures because we have local fisheries and Garlieston’s symbol is an anchor. The book is because Wigtown is the national book town. the castle is because we have a lot of castles in Wigtownshire. The memorial is because of the one locally.

Ardeer Primary School, Ayrshire

Our design was inspired by the natural environment in our constituency. We are very fortunate to have a beautiful beach with a Local Nature Reserve and sand dunes. We have a beautiful view of Arran across the Firth of Forth. We also included the Bonnie Lesley Memorial as this is a link to Scotland’s bard, Robert Burns.