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Battle of the Somme Banner of Remembrance

A kind client sent us these wonderful images of the Clapton Orient Battle of the Somme Banner we produced around this time last year. The large banner became quite a feature in Remembrance weekend events. Our client Stephen Jenkins is a proud member of the Leyton Orient Supporter’s Club and proud of his local heritage this banner was a way of displaying pride and creating a greater sense of awareness among local people.

Primarily the Battle of the Somme Banner was used during match day half time remembrance services. At the local Leyton Orient football game where a near capacity crowd, of around 7000, joined in the commemoration of our soldiers. Fans respectfully stood for the standard 1 minute silence and Mr Jenkins was pleased with the “beautiful moment” the crowd created.

The special Battle of the Somme banner was then taken to the Thiepval Memorial. This is a very special site where there are over 72,195 names listed of British and South African Soldiers who have no known grave. The memorial commemorates these men whom all died in the First World War during the Battles of the Somme between 1915 and 1918. The site in Thiepval, Picardy in France opened as a commemorative visitor centre in 2004.

The banner itself is an impressive 7m x 4m and is manufactured from our robust Decotex exhibition fabric. This is a suitable choice from a durability and single sided print perspective. This fabric is also less prone to creasing than some of our other materials. Particularly for the football event we elected to include underside grab handles in the corners to make gaining tension across the banner easier.

Flagmakers would like to take the opportunity to send thanks to Mr Jenkins for these moving images. We also wish him well in any future projects he may be involved in within the local area. Wonderful to see such a respectful and community driven individual. Truly a pleasure to work with and for such a special cause.

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