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Flagpole Options

Use this quick reference table to pick the feature most important to you. There is a pole to suit every requirement.


ArchitecturalVantageGlassfibreShowhomePortableShort Wall Mounted
Ground SleeveNoNoNoNoNoNo
Fixed BaseNoNoNoNoNoNo
Hinged BaseNoNoNoNoNoNo
Portable BasesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Removeable Concrete BasesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Wall MountableNoNoNoNoNoNo
Gold FinialNoNoNoNoNoNo
White FinialNoNoNoNoNoNo
Internal HalyardNoNoNoNoNoNo
External HalyardNoNoNoNoNoNo
Anti-Furl BarNoNoNoNoNoNo
Flag WeightNoNoNoNoNoNo
Rotating ArmNoNoNoNoNoNo
Specialist ColoursNoNoNoNoNoNo
Installation AvailableNoNoNoNoNoNo