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Glassfibre Flagpoles

Glassfibre construction allows the manufacture of these highly cost-effective poles which feature a very desirable smooth, tapered, single-section design.

For those who wish to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of an elegant single-piece pole, this high quality range presents the ideal opportunity.

  • Low weight – high strength
  • Smooth, shiny, dirt-repellent surface
  • Excellent longevity
  • Competitive price

All our Glassfibre poles can be supplied with robust and highquality hinged bases for ease of installation and servicing. Wall mount systems are also available. Halyards can be external, or internal for greater security, noise reduction and aesthetic appeal.

Product Options

Internal Halyards

Glassfibre poles are available with either an access door with cleat or crank handle system, both are extremely easy to use and come complete with a weighted collar to maintain flag tension.

External Halyards

A sturdy plastic cleat enables external halyards to be secured. The quality braided nylon cord is durable and smart.

Wall Mount Brackets

Vertical Wall Mount Brackets are available for glass fibre poles up to 12 metres. 45 degree angle brackets are available for 5 and 6 metre poles.

Base Plates

All Glassfibre flagpoles come complete with a hinged base and ground cage, enabling straight forward installation and easy maintenance.

Rotating Arms

Rotating arms are available for all poles up to 12 metres.


Economy and premium quality finials are available in white or gold.

Concrete Base

Concrete bases allow glassfibre poles to be used in semi permanent situations.

Pole Size Construction Diameter mm Weight Max. Flag Size Foundation
m bottom/top kg cm (yd) mm
6 1 part 100/50 9 180cm x 90cm (2 yard) 800 x 800 x 800
8 1 part 115/50 13 230cm x 115cm (2.5 yard) 800 x 800 x 800
10 1 part 140/65 26 270cm x 135cm (3 yard) 1000 x 1000 x 1000
12 1 part 145/65 36 320cm x 160cm (3.5 yard) 1000 x 1000 x 1000
All Glassfibre flagpoles are available with a choice of internal or external halyard

Installation & Maintenance

Installing and maintaining your flagpoles properly will ensure many years of trouble free usage. Our fully trained team (IOSH, CSCS & IPAF qualified) can provide you with a hassle free solution.


Every location has it’s own requirements. Investing in a site survey ensures there are no un-foreseen problems or expenses when we start the installation. Site Surveys include:

  • Site access checks
  • Cat scanning for buried utilities
  • Overhead obstruction checks
  • Foundation type assessment
  • Bracket position and wall suitability check for wall-mounted poles

We provide an easy to read report including:

  • Risk assessment
  • Method statement
  • Requirements for earth moving equipment
  • Volumes for concrete foundations
Maintenance & Safety Checks

An un-used or badly maintained pole in front of your premises makes all the wrong kinds of statements. By choosing one of our maintenance contracts you can be sure that your poles are both safe and smart. We can undertake maintenance on all kinds of pole. Choose from either 6 or 12 month service intervals with the option to have new flags supplied each time we come to look after the poles. Substantial discounts apply for sites with more than one pole.

Maintenance Checks include:

  • Foundation and ground anchor bolt inspection
  • Pole check for signs of wear, fatigue, bending orfailure
  • Halyards checked for signs of abrasion orweakness through UV ageing
  • Cleats and fittings checked
  • Poles lowered and cleaned to remove dirt
  • Finials and rotating arms checked
  • Flags inspected and replaced if worn




Technical Guide

Technical Guide

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

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