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Afghanistan Flag

Afghanistan Flag

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History of the Afghanistan Flag

Where in the world?
Afghanistan has changed it’s flag more than any other country.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 4th January 2004
Proportion 2:3
Design A black-red-green tricolour with the national emblem in the centre
Colours PMT –Red: 186 C, Green: 3452 C
Brief History

The first simple black flag of Afghanistan came with its independence in 1709 under the Hotaki dynasty. When Ahmad Shah Durrani founded the modern state of Afghanistan in 1747 a green-white-green tricolour was flown.

The plain black flag saw resurgence when the Durrani Empire was over and the Emirate of Afghanistan under the rule of Abdur Rahman Khan emerged in 1880. When Abdur’s son, Habibullah Kahn, took over rule his fathers seal was added to the centre of the flag. The seal was the first of it’s kind in Afghanistan.

An octagram of rays were added around the seal under the rule of King Amnullah and when Afghanistand became a kingdom in 1926 the octagram was replaced with a wreath.

In 1928 the flag was changed completely to a black, red and green horizontal tricolour. This was said to be after the King visited Europe and was impressed by their tricolour flags. The black was said to represent the history, red was the bloodshed of war and green was hope for the future. The flag became a vertical tricour shortly afterwards and the seal was replaced with one of a sun rising over snow-covered mountains.

In 1929 Habibullāh Kalakāni deposed King Amnullah and took rule of the Kingdom of Afghanistan, he changed to red-black-white tricolour. This changed was short lived when General Mohammed Nadir Khān overthrew Kalakāni. The Tricolour was changed back to black-red-green and featured the octagram seal. In 1930 the flag was changed again to feature an enlarged seal with the year the Mohammad Nadir Shah dynasty began.

In 1973 a non-violent coup was pulled and the Republic of Afghanistan was born. A new vertical tri-colour flag was designed using the same colours with the meanings changed. Red was now independence, green prosperity and black for the past. A new seal was designed with an eagle and sun’s rays. Due to the Soviets help in the coup Afghanistan agreed to become a secular Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in 1978, removing the new seal from its flag. Eventually the Khlaq faction took the plain red soviet flag with a golden wreath of wheat in the top left hand corner inside of which had ‘Khlaq’ written in Arabic.

When the Khlaq faction was overthrown the horizontal tricolour returned. A new soviet emblem was placed in the top left hand corner of the flag. The new emblem included a pulpit with communist manifesto, a cogwheel, red star and ribbons with the national colours. The emblem on the flag was changed when the soviet empire disbanded, the red star and book were removed and the cogwheel was placed at the bottom.

With the fall of the communist state the countries name was changed to Islamic State Of Afghanistan. Its flag was changed many times in 1992; one such is a green-white-black tricolour with the writing ‘god is great’ on the flag. The tricolour with a new gold logo was the flag until the Taliban took over rule of Afghanistan in 1997. The Taliban chose a simple white flag with the Shahdah written on it.

After the fall of the Taliban in 2001 there was an interim flag that was very similar to the 1992-1997 flag. The transitional administrations choose a black, red and green vertical tricolour with the national emblem and shahadah. A version of this flag but with a different ratio was chosen as the flag for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from 2004 up until this present day.

The National Emblem of Afghanistan

The Current National Emblem of Afghanistan Is a prayer mat in a mosque facing Mecca. On top of the mosque is the Shahadah and surrounding are sheaves of wheat.  Examples of the previous and current emblems of Afghanistan are shown below.

The Standard of the President of Afghanistan

The Standard of the President of Afghanistan was adopted in 2004 and is a simple black flag with a red and white National Emblem of Afghanistan in the centre.

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