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Argentina National Flag

Argentina National Flag

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History of the Argentina National Flag

Where in the world?
Argentina has a National Flag Memorial which was opened in 1957. It was built to commemorate the creation of the national flag and official Flag Day ceremonies (on 20th June) are held here every year.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 27th February 1812
Proportion 9:14
Design Horizontal bands coloured light blue, white and light blue. Yellow Sun of May in the centre.
Colours PMS - Blue 284. Yellow 1235, Brown 1685
RGB - Blue: 117, 170, 219, Yellow: 252, 191, 73, Brown: 132, 53, 17
Brief History

During the Argentine War of Independence from Spain the leader of the revolution Manuel Belgrano designed and hoisted a flag similar to the one in existence today consisting of 3 horizontal bands. On 27th February 1812 soldiers of the revolution were asked to swear allegiance to the flag in Rosario – the site of the National Flag Memorial.

The Sun of May was added to the centre of the flag in 1818 to create a flag for use by the state and the Armed Forces.

New legislation in 1985 and 1999 dictated that citizens could now use the Argentine flag incorporating the Sun of May provided they do so with “respect and honour”.

Sun of May

The Sun of May was first depicted on an 1813 Argentine coin and has 32 straight and wavy rays alternating in gold. When used on the Argentine flag it must be appliquéd on both sides in such a manner that its sixteen flaming rays are oriented clockwise whatever the side being observed.

It was first used only by the government and the military but now the Argentine flag depicting the Sun of May is the de facto design.

Coat of Arms of Argentina

The coat of arms of the Argentine Republic has its origins in the seal of the General Constituent Assembly of 1813 and was established in its current form in 1944.

It consists of an oval with background colours (blue & white) of the republic surrounded by a laurel vert. The two shaking hands in base are holding a pike with a Phrygian cap (also known as a Liberty Cap) on top. The Sun of May can be seen atop of the oval.

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