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Bangladesh Flag

Bangladesh Flag

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History of the Bangladesh Flag

Where in the world?
The modern flag is similar to the one used in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 17 January 1972
Proportion 5:3
Design A green field with ared circle in the centre.
Colours PMS – Green: 342 C, Red: 485 C
CMYK – Green: 100% Cyan, 70% Yellow, 40% Black; Red: 100% Magenta, 80% Yellow, 5% Black
Brief History

Mughal_Empire_(triangular)The first known modern flag of Malta is the Maltese Civil Flag, which was used unofficially between 1091 up to 1943. From 1530 the flag of Order of Saint John was often seen, as it was the Sovereign Military order of Malta. When Napoleon conquered Malta in 1798 and was ruled under the French Flag.

This rule lasted only two years, when the Maltese asked for British help in 1800 to remove the French garrison.

The land that would become Bangladesh was part of the British Indian empire between 1858 and 1974; the flag of the United Kingdom was flown during this period on land and a red ensign with a Union Jack in the top left hand corner with the Order of the Star of India in the centre right was used for international events.

The area known as Bangladesh came under the Dominion of Pakistan when the British Indian Empire was split in two in 1947 and the flag was changed to that of the flag of Pakistan, a dark green field with a white stripe in the left side and a white five-pointed star and crescent. The flag remained the same when it became East Pakistan in 1955.

The Provisional Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh while in exile adopted the first modern flag during the Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971. It is a green field with red circle at the centre, inside the circle was a golden outline of Bangladesh.

A variation on the Flag of the Provisional Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was adopted on the 17th of January 1972 in the now Independent country. The only difference in flags being the removal the map from centre due to difficulty in rendering it on both sides. The red symbolises the blood spilt to bring independence and the green for the lushness of the land. A civil flag was also adopted taking the design from the British red ensign.

The National Emblem of Bangladesh

After independence in 1971 a National Emblem of Bangladesh was adopted. It is a golden water lily with rice sheaves at either side. Above the lily are four five-pointed stars and jute leaves, below the lily is water.

An earlier version of the seal was adopted by the Provisional Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 1971. It Featured the red circle and outline of the map and is still used by the Government of Bangladesh to this day.

Symbols of the Government of Bangladesh

The Presidential seal and the seal of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh are the same as the National Emblem of Bangladesh but have their respective titles written underneath.

The Governmental Seal of Bangladesh is the same as the old Emblem of the Provisional Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.  It is used on official documents such as Bangladeshi passports.

The Military Flags of Bangladesh

Since 1972 there have been specific flags for the military of Bangladesh. The Flag of the Bangladesh Army features a green field from the national flag with golden cross swords with a lily on top.

The Bangladeshi Air Force and Navy both take their flags from the British ensign. The Air Force features a sky blue ensign with the national flag in the top left corner and a roundel bottom right. The Bangladesh Navy has a white ensign with the national flag in the top left corner.

The Standard of the Chief of Naval Staff is a blue field with the Navy’s badge, consisting of an anchor and the lilies, at the centre. In 2010 the Border Guards of Bangladesh have also had their own flag, a maroon field with their emblem, featuring crossed rifles, at the centre.

The Flag of the Bangladesh Police

The Flag of the Bangladesh Police was adopted in 1972 and features the logo of the Bangladesh police force on a dark blue field.

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