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Bolivia Flag

Bolivia Flag

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Our Bolivia flags are made in the traditional 2:1 ratio used for National flags in the UK so this flag will match others of the same size if you are flying several flags together. We use a MOD grade Knitted Polyester which has been tested for its durability and suitability for production of flags.

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History of the Bolivia Flag

Where in the world?
The locals call the Flag of Bolivia “La Tricolor’.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 31st October 1851
Proportion 15:22
Design A red-yellow-green horizontal tricolour with the National Coat of Arms of Bolivia in the centre
Colours PMS – Red: 485, Yellow: 116, Green: 356
CMYK – Red: Magenta 80%, Yellow 86%, Black 16%; Yellow: Magenta 17%, Yellow 91%; Green: Cyan 100%, Yellow 57%, Black 53%
Brief History

The first two flags of Bolivia were adopted when it became a republic In 1825. The State flag, called Bandera Mayor, was a dark red flag with a green bar on the top and bottom with five five-pointed stars surrounded by a laurel and tree branch are in the centre. The second flag was a Civil flag, called Bandera Menor, the same green and red flag with one larger five-pointed star surrounded by a laurel and tree branch at the centre.

A year later both the civil and state flags were changed. The State flag became a yellow, red and green horizontal tricolour with the Coat of Arms at the centre. The Civil flag was a plain yellow-red-green horizontal tricolour.

In 1836 Bolivia’s dictator Andrés Santa Cruz created the Peruvian-Bolivian Confederation that had its own flag, a red field that featured the coat of arms of Bolivia and Peru surrounded by a laurel wreath and sun and four five-pointed stars above. When Andrés Santa Cruz was overthrown in 1839 the confederation disbanded.

The current red-yellow-green horizontal tricolour flag with the National Coat of Arms of Bolivia in the centre was adopted in 1851 and is used as the state flag, war flag and ensign. The flag did not have established size till 2004 when it was decided that the flag should be a ratio of 15:22 and 7.5 squares width by 11 squares long.

The flags colours have specific symbols, Red for the blood shed by the Bolivian soldiers, yellow for mineral deposits and the green for fertility. There is also a civil flag that removes the Coat of Arms at the centre.


In 2009 the Wiphala of Qulla Suyo became the co-official flag of Bolivia. It is a square emblem/flag that features a 7 by 7 patchwork of seven colours.

Each colour has its own meaning. The Red is for the Earth and the Andean man, Orange for society and culture, yellow for energy, white for time, green for natural resources, blue for heaven and violet is for the Andean government and self-determination.

The Coat of Arms of Bolivia

The Coat of Arms of Bolivia is a blue-bordered cartouche with the sun rising over the Potosí mountain with an alpaca next to wheat and a palm tree in the centre. There are ten five-pointed gold stars in lower half of the blue border and BOLIVIA in the top half. There are crossed cannons representing the fight for independence behind the cartouche. Occasionally muskets replace the cannons in the coat of arms.

At both sides of the cartouche are three Bolivian flags and above the cartouche is an Andean condor in front of laurel branches representing the defence of liberty and peace.

The Coat of Arms of the Bolivian Air Force

The coat of arms of the Bolivian Air Force features the Coat of Arms of Bolivia surrounded by a bronze laurel wreath with a large Andean condor on top.

The Armed Forces Flags of Bolivia

The Armed forces flag of Bolivia was used until 2010, it is similar to the National Flag of Bolivia but has a laurel wreath surrounding the coat of arms in the centre. The Roundel of the Air Force of Bolivia features the red-yellow-green colours of the National Flag of Bolivia.

The Naval Flags of Bolivia

The Naval Ensign of Bolivia is a blue ensign that features the Civil Flag of Bolivia in the top left hand corner with nine gold five-pointed stars and a larger gold five-pointed star in the centre right hand side.The Naval Jack of Bolivia is a square flag that features the red-yellow-green colours of the National Flag of Bolivia.

The Flags of the Departments of Bolivia

Each department of Bolivia have its own individual flag. Here are the examples of the flags that are flown in those primary subdivisions.

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