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Botswana Flag

Botswana Flag

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All of our printed Botswana flags are produced by a process called Dye Sublimation. The system drenches each fibre of the fabric, resulting in a flag with wonderful precise colour, and vitally the design appears perfectly on each side. This is known as ‘printed through to reverse’ and is an important consideration when choosing your flag as both sides will be seen when flying.

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History of the Botswana Flag

Where in the world?
You must be granted permission from the government to fly the flag.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 30th September 1966
Proportion 2:3
Design A light blue field with horizontal black stripe with white border.
Colours PMS – Blue: 284C
Brief History

On 31st of March 1885, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland established the Bechuanaland Protectorate when Boer freebooters threatened the people of Botswana. Rather than have a specific colonial flag the Union Jack of Great Britain and Ireland was flown.

The Protectorate lasted until 1966 when Botswana became the independent country of the Republic of Botswana and gained its own flag.  The flag is a blue field with horizontal black stripe with a white border. This design was specifically chosen to contrast with the flag of South African flag as the country was under apartheid and symbolises harmony and peace between black and European people.

Coat of Arms of Botswana

The Coat of Arms of Botswana were adopted in 1966 and features a shield with three cogwheels representing industry at the top, three waves representing water in the centre and a red bulls head representing cattle herding.

At the sides of the shield are zebras; the right-hand zebra holds sorghum and the left hand zebra holds ivory. Underneath is the motto PULA that means ‘rain.’

The Standard of the President of Botswana

The Standard of the President of Botswana takes the light blue field from the national flag with a white black-bordered circle with the Coat of Arms of Botswana in the centre.

The proportions are an unusual 15:23.

The Flags of the Botswana Air Force

The Fin Flag of the Botswana Defence Force Air Wing is a blue-white-black horizontal tricolour that takes the colours from the national flag.

The Roundel of the Botswana Defence Force Air Wing is a upside down triangle with the colours of the national flag.

The Ensign of the Botswana Defence Force Air Wing is a green two green bands with a red band with white border in the centre. The upper green band represents the military uniform and the lower band represents the environment. The red band in the centre represents the blood that has been and will be shed.

The Flag of the Botswana Democratic Party

The Flag of the Botswana Democratic Party is a white-red-black horizontal tricolour that represents the governing party of Botswana.

The Bechuanaland Seal

There was no coat of arms or badge under British rule, however there was a seal that showed the royal achievement of the United Kingdom that featured the royal coat of arms inside an oval that features the name of the country BECHUANALAND PROTECTORATE.

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