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Myanmar Flag

Myanmar Flag

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History of the Myanmar Flag

Where in the world?
The colours of the flag symbolise solidarity, peace, tranquillity, courage and decisiveness.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 21st October 2010
Proportion 2:3
Design A yellow, green and red horizontal tricolour with a white five-pointed star.
PMS Yellow: 116 Green: 361 Red: 1788
CMYK Yellow: Cyan 0% Magenta 20% Yellow 100% Black 0%
  Green: Cyan 71% Magenta 0% Yellow 71% Black 30%
  Red: Cyan 0% Magenta 83% Yellow 76% Black 8%
Brief History

The Pre-British Burmese flags are not known with any certainty. However it is said the first known flag flown was the flag of the early Mons between 1300 and 1500, which was a plain green field with a golden hinthar in the centre.

From 1752 to 1885 the flag of the Third Burmese Empire under the control of the Konbaung dynasty was a plain white field with a peacock in the centre.

In 1824 Burma became a British colony and a province of British India. The new flag was the British Raj red ensign that featured a plain red field with Union Jack in the top left hand corner and the star of India in the centre right of the flag.

British Burma gained its own flag in 1939. This was a blue British ensign with the Burmese badge that featured the often shown peacock in the centre right hand side.

In 1941 the flag of British Burma was changed again to a simple blue field with the a larger Burmese badge in the centre.

When the Japanese Empire invaded and gained control of Burma in 1942, during World War Two, the temporary flag used was the merchant’s flag of Japan. This was a plain white field with a red circle at the centre.

On the 1st of August 1943 the Japanese replaced their own military government with a puppet government and declared Burma an independent State. The new flag was a horizontal yellow-green-red tricolour with the badge of Burma in the centre. This was the first time the modern colours were used in a flag. In 1945 a stylized version of the flag was designed, it featured a gold peacock.

British troops regained Burma at the end of the Second World War in 1945 and the blue ensign flag of British Burma was reinstated.

After the assassination of General Aung San and several of the leaders of the pre-independence government, Burma decided not to join the British Commonwealth and became the independent Union of Burma.

The first flag of the independent country was hoisted on the 4th January 1948, it was a plain red field with a blue canon top left with a large white five-pointed star surrounded by 5 smaller five pointed stars. The largest star represents the Union and the five other stars represent the 5 states of Burma.

When Burma became a socialist republic in 1974 the image on the state flag was changed to a corncob and a cogwheel surrounded by 14 five-pointed stars. When the countries name was changed to the Union of Myanmar in 1988 the flag remained the same.

In 2006 a new flag was proposed that was a green-yellow-red horizontal tricolour with a white five-pointed star in the top left hand corner and in 2007 the modern yellow-green-red flag with large white star in the centre was designed. The 2007 flag was adopted on the 21st October 2010.

The State Seal of Burma / Myanmar

The State Seal of Burma/Myanmar was adopted in 2008 and features a golden map of Burma surrounded by laurel and two Chinthe, lion like creatures, and traditional Burmese flowers. Above is a golden five-pointed star and below is the title “State Seal of Burma”

The previous state seal of Burma is similar, but featured two blue Chinthe and a white five-pointed star and cogwheel. And at one point the green peacock was the state symbol.

The Presidents Flag of Burma / Myanmar

The Presidents Flag of Burma/Myanmar is a plain orange flag with a green peacock at the centre.

The Flag of the Armed Forces of Burma / Myanmar

The Flag of the Armed Forces of Burma / Myanmar is a red field with a golden winged five-pointed white star at the centre behind a blue anchor.

The Naval Ensign of Burma / Myanmar

The Naval Ensign of Burma/Myanmar is a white ensign with red rectangle featuring a white star in the centre at the top left hand corner, and blue anchor at the lower centre right.

Previously the Naval Ensign was a St. Georges cross with a blue cannon and large five-pointed star surrounded by five smaller five-pointed stars.

The Insignia of the Burmese / Myanmar Air Force

Here are examples of the insignia of the Burmese/Myanmar Air Force:

The Air Force Ensign is a light blue field with white five-pointed star in the top left hand corner and the roundel in the lower right hand corner. Previously it featured the Flag of the Union of Burma in the top left hand corner and a larger roundel at centre right.

The Air Force roundel is a blue triangle with a white and yellow triangle inside.  The Coat of Arms of the Air Force is a red shield with a winged roundel and white five-pointed star on top.

Insignia of the Burmese / Myanmar Army

Below are some examples of the flags of the Burmese/Myanmar Army and Regional Military Commands.

The Insignia for the Burmese / Myanmar Police Force

The Flag of the Police Force of Burma/Myanmar is a red-blue-yellow vertical tricolour with a large white five-pointed star. The Coat of Arms of the Police Force is a blue shield with gold and white border inside of which is a circle that features the flag of the police force surrounded by a laurel.

The Flags of the States of Burma / Myanmar

Here are some examples of the flags of the States of Burma / Myanmar.

The Flags of the Regions of Burma / Myanmar

Here are some examples of the flags of the Regions of Burma/Myanmar.

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