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Cameroon Flag

Cameroon Flag

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Our digitally printed Cameroon flags are produced to a high quality, durable knitted polyester. Generated to the Flag Institute approved design, by us here in the UK. Each flag is hand finished with a double sewn hem for durability, and a headband, rope and toggle suitable for attachment to any standard flagpole.

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History of the Cameroon Flag

Where in the world?
When the flag is reproduced the size of the central star can change, however it has to remain inside the red stripe.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 30th May 1975
Proportion 2:3
Design A green-red-yellow vertical tricolour with a yellow five-pointed star at the centre
PMS Yellow: 115C Green: 354C Red: 186C
Brief History

The first flag of Cameroon was adopted when the German Empire colonised the area in 1884. It was a black-white-red horizontal tricolour with a red shield and elephant head in the centre.

After the first World War the League of Nations Mandate made part of Cameroon under the protectorate of Britain. The new flag of the British Cameroons was a blue British Ensign that features a blue field and Union Flag in the top left hand corner with the emblem of British Cameroon in the centre left.

The League of Nations also made France a protectorate of part of Cameroon and that small area became part of French Equatorial Africa. The blue-white-red vertical tricolour was flown. In 1957, a new flag for a soon to be independent Cameroon was designed. It was a green-red-yellow tricolour. In 1960 it became part of a new constitution when Cameroon became independent.

When British South Cameroon became independent in 1961 two five-pointed gold stars in the top left hand corner were added to the green portion of the green-red-yellow tricolour.

In 1975 the stars were removed and replaced with a central and larger five-pointed gold star. The Pan-African colours of the flag also have specific meanings. The green represents the lush forest of the Southern Cameroon, the red is the unity of the country and the yellow represents the savannahs and the sun.

The Coat of Arms of Cameroon

The most recent Coat of Arms was adopted in 1986 and is very similar to the original coat of arms from 1960. It features a shield made out of the colours of the national flag with the outline of the country in the centre below a five pointed gold star and black and white scale, representing justice.

The words ‘PEACE, WORK, FATHERLAND’ are above the shield and a scroll with ‘REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN’ in the background with golden axes with white heads in the background.

The Earlier Coat of Arms of Cameroon

Just before the start of World War One Germany had proposed a Coat of Arms for the German Colonies. It featured a shield split into two with the Reichsadler eagle at the top and the symbol on the country at the bottom, the elephant was chosen for Cameroon. On top of the flag was a crown.

In 1960 a shield was adopted and features a shield made out of the colours of the national flag with the outline of the country in the centre in the red portion and a blue five pointed gold star in both the green and yellow portion. A black and white scale is in front of the country.

The text ‘RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN – 1ER JANVIER 1960’ is on a scroll above the shield and ‘PAUX, TRAVAIL, PATRIE’ on the scroll below. Behind the shield are two crossed golden axes.

The Flag of the Southern Cameroons Independence Movement

Since Southern Cameroons became part of Cameroon in 1961 there has been a movement for its independence.

The flag for this group is a blue and white horizontal striped bicolour with a blue square in the top left hand corner that features a white dove surrounded by 13 five-pointed gold stars.

The Insignia of the Cameroon Air Force

Here are some examples of the Insignia of the Cameroon Air Force:

The Badge of the Cameroon Air Force was adopted in in 1960 and features the colours of the national flag of Cameroon behind a white bird with wings spread, crossed sword and five-pointed grey star.

The roundel of the Cameroon Air Force is a roundel that features the green-red-yellow colours of the national flag.

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