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Colombia National Flag

Colombia National Flag

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History of the Colombia National Flag

Where in the world?
The current flag is similar to the historical flag of Gran Colombia.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 26th November 1861
Proportion 2:3
Design A yellow-blue-red horizontal tricolour with the yellow band larger than the rest.
PMS Yellow: 116 Red: 186 Blue: 287
CMYK Yellow: Cyan 0% Magenta 17.1% Yellow 91.3% Black 0%
  Red: Cyan 0% Magenta 91.7% Yellow 81.6% Black 19.2%
  Blue: Cyan 100% Magenta 61.9% Yellow 0% Black 42.4%
Brief History

In the 16th Century Colombia was called the New Kingdom of Granada under Spanish Control. The flag flown during this time was the Burgundy Cross, a red cross on a white field. In 1717 the flag for the Viceroy of New Granada was a white field with coat of arms at the centre left.

In 1785 the flag of the Viceroy of New Granada was changed to the Spanish national flag. The flag at the time featured two red bands and a central yellow band that had the lesser coat of arms in the centre left.

In 1810 New Granada became independent from Spain and called the United Provinces of New Granada. A flag that featured a central green rectangle with a yellow and red border inside of which was a white eight-pointed star was adopted.

When 1819 New Granada became part of Gran Colombia the flag adopted was a larger yellow with smaller striped blue and red tricolour with the coat of arms of Gran Columbia in the top left hand corner. In 1920 the coat of arms was changed to feature the new design with an eagle.

The third flag of Gran Colombia was adopted in 1821. The bands of colour were now the same size with a larger coat of arms. In 1922 a new version flag was proposed with a different coat of arms.

In 1831 the name of the country was changed to the Republic of New Granada and a new red-blue-yellow vertical tricolour was adopted. In 1858 the country became the Granadine Confederation and the flag remained the same.

In 1861 the areas that were to be Colombia, Panama and north western Brazil became the United States of Colombia. The vertical tricolour remained with 9 white stars added to the centre.

In 1861 the flag was changed to a horizontal tricolour with a larger yellow band and when the area was remained Colombia the flag stayed the same.

The Coat of Arms of Colombia

The Coat of Arms of Colombia was adopted in 1835.

The flag features a shield split into 3 parts. The top part contains a pomegranate and two horns of plenty on a blue field, the middle part features a capped spear, and the lower portion features two boats on the sea.

Above the shield is an eagle with a laurel and at either side is the national flag.

The Flags of the Military of Colombia

The Flag of the National Army of Colombia is a red field with the coat of arms of the army of Colombia in the centre.

The Flag of the National Air Force of Colombia is a plain blue field with the coat of arms of the air force at the centre.

The Garrison Flag of the Air Force is a plain blue field with the national flag in the top left hand corner and the air force roundel made of the national colours and white eight-pointed star at the centre.

The Navy Jack of Colombia is a blue field with the coat of arms of Colombia in the centre.

The Flags of the Departments of Colombia

Each department of Colombia has a specific flag. Here are some examples below.

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