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Comoros Flag

Comoros Flag

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History of the Comoros Flag

Where in the world?
Each of the coloured stripes represents one of the individual islands of Comoros.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 7th January 2002
Proportion 3:53
Design A yellow-white-red-blue horizontal bicolour with a green triangle on the left hand side with white crescent and four white five-pointed stars.
PMS Blue: 287c Red: 186c Yellow: 116c
CMYK Green: Cyan 57% Magenta 0% Yellow 54% Black 44%
  Yellow: Cyan 0% Magenta 22% Yellow 88% Black 0%
  Red: Cyan 0% Magenta 92% Yellow 82% Black 15%
  Blue: Cyan 70% Magenta 40% Yellow 0% Black 23%
Brief History

The first official flag was the flag of the State of the Comoros that was introduced in 1963. It was a simple green field with an Islamic crescent top left with four diagonal five-pointed stars.

Later when the country came under the Ali Soilih Regime in 1976 and the flag was changed slightly to incorporate a red field with green stripe. The crescent and four five-pointed stars remained on the flag but in a different shape.

In 1978 President Soilih was forced out of office and killed. The country became the Federal and Islamic Republic of Comoros. At this time flag was changed to a plain green field with a larger crescent moon and four diagonal five-pointed stars at the centre. The flag was changed slightly again in 1992, with an even larger crescent and stars at a different angle.

The flag was changed again when Mohamed Taki Abdoulkarim became president. In addition to a change in size and direction of the crescent and stars ‘Mohamed’ and ‘Allah’ were added to the top right and the bottom left hand corner.

The modern flag was adopted in 2002 and incorporates the green background with white crescent and four five-pointed stars from previous flags in a triangle. The field is made up of yellow-white-red-blue horizontal stripes. Each stripe represents an island of Comoro, yellow for Mohéle, white for Mayotte, red for Anjouan and blue for Grande Comore. The stars and crescent still represent Islam.

The Flags of the Individual Islands of Comoros

Comoros is made up of four individual islands.

The Anjounan flag is a red field with Islamic crescent and four five-pointed stars at the centre.

The flag of Grand Comore is a blue field with Islamic crescent and four five-pointed stars centre left.

The flag of Mohéli is a yellow field with red five-pointed star at the centre.

The fourth is the flag of Mayotte. This island is claimed by Comoros but actually under French administration. The official flag is the French tricolour. However the Comoros see the flag as a shield split into a blue and red partition with a crescent and flowers. At either side is a sea lion and “RA HACHIRI”, meaning ‘we are vigilant’, in a ribbon below.

The National Seal of the Comoros

The National Seal of the Comoros was adopted 1975 and is based around the crescent and four white stars from the national flag. Behind the crescent is a sun with eight rays and two olive branches surround it.

The national motto, ‘UNITÉ – JUSTICE – PROGRÈS’, is underneath the seal and ‘REPUBLIQUE FEDERALE ISLAMIQUE DES COMORES’ is above.

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