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Egypt (Arab Republic) Flag

Egypt (Arab Republic) Flag

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History of the Egypt (Arab Republic) Flag

Where in the world?
The use of the red-white-black tricolour is a direct reference to the one used in the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 4th October 1984
Proportion 2:3
Design A red-white-black tricolour with the Eagle of Saladin at the centre
PMS Gold: 116 Red: 186
CMYK Gold: Cyan 0% Magenta 15% Yellow 95% Black 0%
  Red: Cyan 0% Magenta 90% Yellow 80% Black 5%
Brief History

The first known flag used officially in Egypt was a plain black flag of the Rashidun Caliphate, the largest empire in the world at that point. When the Umayyads took control in 661 the flag was changed to a plain white field.

In 750 the Abbasid Caliphate took control they adopted the previous black flag as their national symbol. During the later part of the century The Fatimid Caliphate had control of most of Egypt, including Cairo, their flag was a simple green field.

When the Ayyubid Sultanate took over Egypt in 1171 a plain yellow flag was adopted. When the Mamluk Sultanate over threw the Ayyubids, in 1341, the yellow colour from the previous flag was kept with a white crescent that was added to show their faith in Islam.

The Mamluk Sultanate reign lasted until they were defeated in the Ottoman-Mamluk war in 1517. With Egypt now part of the Ottoman Empire the flag was changed to a red field with a white crescent and five-pointed star in the centre. A similar flag to the Flag of Ottoman Egypt was flown in 1844 when Muhammad Ali, an Ottoman commander, made Egypt a self-declared Khedivate.

When Egypt officially became an autonomous tributary state, or Eyalet, of the Ottoman Empire the flag was altered to depict three smaller crescent moon and stars in a triangle on the left side of the flag. When the British occupied Egypt in 1881 the flag was changed back to the single crescent and star on a red field.

After a revolution in 1953 an alternative flag was chosen that was a red-white-black horizontal tricolour that featured a large Eagle of Saladin in the centre. In 1958 Egypt and Syria came together to become the United Arab Republic the national flag was the tricolour with two green five-pointed stars replacing the Eagle of Saladin.

Egypt continued to call itself the United Arab Republic even though Syrtia withdrew in 1961, however the flag was changed in 1971 to feature the Hawk of Quraysh in the centre white band. The modern flag was adopted in 1984 with the Eagle of Saladin replacing the Hawk.

The Coat of Arms of Egypt

The current Coat of Arms was adopted in 1984 and features the Eagle of Saladin looking left protected by a shield with a vertical red-white-black tricolour. Below is the motto “ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT”

The Presidential Standard of Egypt

The Current Presidential Standard of Egypt was adopted in 1984 and is the national flag with an additional Eagle of Saladin in the top left hand corner.

The Flags of the Egyptian Armed Forces

Both the Naval Ensign and the War Flag of Egypt were adopted in 1984. The Naval flag features crossed anchors in the top left and the war flag features crossed sabres top left.

The Egyptian Air Defence Command Flag, Egyptian Air Force Ensign and the Egyptian Naval Flag all feature the national flag in the top left hand corner. The Air defence command features the air defence coat of arms on a light green background, the air force has a roundel on a sky blue background and the naval flag has crossed anchors surrounded by a laurel branch.

The Flags of the Governorates of Egypt

Each Governorate in Egypt has a their own flag. Here are some examples.

The Historical Coat of Arms of Egypt

Here are some examples of the Historical Coat of Arms of Egypt.

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