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Gambia Flag

Gambia Flag

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History of the Gambia Flag

Where in the world?
Louis Thomasi designed the official flag.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 18th February 1965
Proportion 2:3
Design A red-blue-green horizontal tricolour with white border at either side of the blue stripe.
PMS Blue: 293 Red: 032 Green: 355
Brief History

There was no official flag used in Gambia until it Became a British colony. However at the end of the 16th Century Portugal was a main trader with Gambia and it is said the Flag of Portugal could have been flown. Also part of Gambia was a colony of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth between 1651 and 1661 and the Royal Banner of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth could have been flown in that specific region.

Between the 17th and 18th centuries The British and French fought for control over Gambia. It wasn’t until 1888 that the French agree that Gambia would be a colony and a Protectorate of the British Empire. The flag was a typical blue British ensign with the Arms of Gambia in the centre right. The arms of Gambia that featured an elephant in front of a palm tree and a red G.

It wasn’t until Gambia became fully independent in 1965 that the flag was changed to the one we see today. It is a red, blue with white border and green horizontal tricolour. In 1982 Gambia joined Senegal to create the Senegambia Confederation the flag remained unchanged.

Each of the colours of the flag has specific meanings. The red represents the sun and savannah, the blue is the Gambia River with the white stripes representing unity and the green represents the agriculture and forests.

The three main political parties in Gambia are represented on the flag; Red for Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party, blue for the Democratic Party and green for the Green party.

The Coat of Arms of The Gambia

The Coat of Arms of the Gambia features a shield with an axe and hoe at the centre. There is a lion at either side and on top is a helmet with oil palm tree.

The Coat of Arms features the colours of the national flag but with different meanings. The blue symbolises loyalty, white for friendliness and green for hope.

The Standard of the President of The Gambia

The Standard of the President of the Gambia is different to the national flag in that it is a simple blue field with the Coat of Arms of the Gambia at the centre. It is often flown with a gold fringe surrounding it.

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