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Greenland Flag

Greenland Flag

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History of the Greenland Flag

Where in the world?
The Flag of Greenland is the only Nordic country that doesn’t feature a Nordic cross.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 21st June 1985
Proportion 2:3
Design A red and white horizontal bicolour with an off-centre, counter-changed disk.
Colours PMS – Red: 186c
Brief History

Prior to 1983 Greenland was a Danish colony since 1814. The flag during this time as the red field with white cross Danish flag. The Danish flag is still flown side-by-side the Flag of Greenland.

In 1973 a flag for Greenland was proposed, it featured a green field with white blue-bordered Nordic cross. However it never became official.

It wasn’t till 1984 that a second flag specific to Greenland was proposed by Sven Tito Achen and seriously considered and featured a green field with white Nordic cross. It narrowly lost out to the modern flag when Greenland gained independence.

The modern flag of independent Greenland designed by Thue Christiansen was adopted after its independence in 1985. It features a red-white horizontal bicolour with a off-centre, counter-changed disk. The locals call it ‘Erfalasorput’, meaning ‘our flag’.


The Coat of Arms of Greenland

The Coat of Arms of Greenland was adopted in 1989 and features a blue shield with white polar bear, which is the symbol of Greenland. The government of Greenland uses the Coat of Arms as their personal symbol.

This coat of arms also represents the Danish Royal Family and was originally introduced in the Coat of Arms of Denmark in 1666.

Examples of Other Proposed Flags of Greenland

Here are two more examples of the proposed flags of Greenland.

The Symbol of the Danish Defence Force

The Danish defence force still defends Greenland.

The Symbol of the Danish Defence force features a crowned Danish flag and grey circle split into three parts.

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