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Guatemala Flag

Guatemala Flag

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History of the Guatemala Flag

Where in the world?
The flag represents Guatemala between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 1871
Proportion 5:8
Design A light blue-white-light blue vertical triband with the national emblem in the centre.
PMS Blue: 229 Green: 355 Red: 032 Yellow: 125 Yellow: 109 Brown: 497 Grey: 430
Brief History

From 1609 to 1821 the Spanish Empire controlled the Kingdom of Guatemala under the name the Captaincy General of Guatemala. The flag flown in this area was the burgundy cross.

In 1823 Guatemala joined with El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica to create the Federal Republic of Central America. The flag adopted was a light blue-white-light blue horizontal triband flag with their emblem at the centre.

In 1825 the Guatemalan flag was a blue-white-blue horizontal triband flag and an emblem was added in 1838 to the centre similar to the one used as part of the Federal Republic of Central America.

When Guatemala left the Federal Republic of Central America in 1838 the emblem flag of Guatemala was changed to a shield with a sun shining over mountains in front of a quiver of arrows and wreaths.

In 1851 the flag was changed to features a white band in the centre, a red-blue split top band and a yellow-blue split bottom band.

The State flag of Guatemala had the coat of arms in the centre.  In 1858 a flag was adopted that was influenced from the Spanish flag that features a thick yellow stripe with thinner blue-white-red stripes above and bellow.

The State Flag of Guatemala at the same time had a coat of arms at the centre. In 1871 the flag was changed to a light blue-white-light blue vertical triband flag with the National Emblem at the centre. The light blue stripes represent the Pacific and Atlantic ocean with the white stripe represents peace.

The Variant flag is the same design as national flag without the emblem, it is also the merchant flag and civil flag.

In 2008 a flag was adopted to represent the indigenous peoples of Guatemala. The bandera de los pueblos features a white, red, black and yellow triangle representing Xinca, Garifuna, Maya and Ladino people with a Maya symbol in the centre.

The National Emblem of Guatemala

The Coat of Arms of Guatemala was adopted on the 18th November 1871. It features a parchment scroll with the words “LIBERTY 15 of SEPTEMBER of 1821” in front of crossed bayonets and sabres surrounded by a laurel wreath.

The Governmental Flags of Guatemala

All the governmental flags feature a blue-white-blue vertical triband flag with coat of arms in the centre. The Presidential flag features five gold stars, the Vice president has a triangle cut out of the right side, the president of the Congress has four stars and three stars for the President of the Supreme Court of Justice of Guatemala.

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