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Guinea Bissau Flag

Guinea Bissau Flag

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History of the Guinea Bissau Flag

Where in the world?
The flag of Ghana is the influence flag of Guinea-Bissau.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 1973
Proportion 1:2
Design A red vertical stripe with a black five-pointed star and a yellow and a green horizontal stripe
PMS Green: 355 Red: 032 Yellow: 109
Brief History

Between 1474 and 1974 Guinea-Bissau was a West African Colony of Portugal. During the era of slave trade the flag of the Guinea Company was flown, it was a simple plain white field with a green cross at the centre.

During its time as a colony the country didn’t have a specific flag. The red-green vertical bicolour flag of Portugal would be until independence was granted in 1973.

In 1960 there was a proposed flag of Portuguese Guinea, this was the flag of Portugal with the lesser arms of Portuguese Guinea in the lower right hand corner.

When independence was granted in 1973 and the name of the country was changed to Guinea-Bissau there was a new flag adopted. It featured the red-yellow-green colours of Pan African movement with a black five-pointed star. The red stands for the blood shed for independence and the black star representing the unity of Africa, the yellow is the sun shining down and the green stands for hope and the future.

The Emblem of Guinea-Bissau

The Emblem of Guinea-Bissau was adopted at the same time as the national flag. It features a red background with the black star of Africa in the top portion. A gold seashell is below with symmetrical olive branches at either side. In front of the emblem is a banner stating “UNITY, STRUGGLE, PROGRESS”

The Historical Coat of Arms of Portuguese Guinea

When the country was a Portuguese Colony a Coat of Arms was adopted in 1935.

It featured a shield split into three with the left portion featuring a white field with five small blue shields at the centre, the right featured black field with a golden pillar and African head and below there were green and white wavy lines. Behind the shield was a crowned golden armillary sphere. Below was a banner stating “COLONY OF PORTUGUESE GUINEA”, which was changed in 1951 to “PROVIENCE OF PORTUGUESE GUINEA.”

The Flag of the Armed Forces of Guinea-Bissau

The Flag of the Armed Forces of Guinea-Bissau is a plain red field with a black five-pointed star at the centre.

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