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Laos Flag

Laos Flag

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Our Laos flags are made in the traditional 2:1 ratio used for National flags in the UK so this flag will match others of the same size if you are flying several flags together. We use a MOD grade Knitted Polyester which has been tested for its durability and suitability for production of flags.

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History of the Laos Flag

Where in the world?
The flag was originally that of Pahet Lao.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 2nd December 1975
Proportion 2:3
Design A red-blue-red horizontal triband with a white circle in the centre.
PMS Red: 032 Blue: 293
Brief History

The first flag officially adopted in Laos was the blue-white-red vertical French Tricolour as the area was a Protectorate under French Rule in 1893. The tricolour was also the flag of the Indo-Chinese Federation Laos was a member of.

Eventually a Design was adopted for a specific flag of Laos. It featured a plain red field with gold outlined triple headed white elephant with black headgear on a podium with a candle emitting rays above. The French Tricolour would still have been flown in the area.

The gold border of the central image and shining the light was removed from the flag in 1893. The elephant was also altered to show both tusks and the black head dress was removed.

In 1947 Laos was granted self-rule and in 1953 they became fully Independent. The French tricolour was removed from the flag. Since 2003 this flag represents the Royal Lao Government in Exile.

In 1975 a new communist government assumed power and a new flag that was previously the flag of Pathet Lao adopted.

The flag is a red-blue-red horizontal triband with a white circle in the centre. The white disc representing the power of the people, the red is the blood shed, the blue is prosperity.

The Emblem of Laos

The Emblem of Laos was adopted in 1992. It depicts Pha That Luag and the reservoir of Ngun surrounded by two large corns, a cogwheel and a banner stating “PEACE, INDEPENDENCE, DEMOCRACY” and “UNITY AND PROSPERITY”.

The Historical Royal Standard of Laos

The historical Royal Standard of Laos features a more stylised version of the elephant emblem on the national flag inside a red square.

The Emblem of the Royal Laos Defence Force

The Emblem of the Royal Laos Defence Force is a red disk with a spiked cogwheel and a three pronged dagger.

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