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Madagascar Flag

Madagascar Flag

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Our digitally printed Madagascar flags are made to a high quality, durable knitted polyester. Created to the Flag Institute approved design, by us here in the UK. Each flag is hand finished with a double sewn hem for durability, and a headband, rope and toggle suitable for attachment to any standard flagpole.

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History of the Madagascar Flag

Where in the world?
The Red and White colours represent Queen Ranavalona III and the green represents the population.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 14th October 1958
Proportion 2:3
Design A red and green horizontal bicolour with a vertical white band on the left side.
PMS Green: 348c Red: Warm
CMYK Green: Cyan 100% Magenta 0% Yellow 80% Black 25%
  Red: Cyan 0% Magenta 80% Yellow 90% Black 0%
Brief History

From 1540 to 1897 Madagascar was known as the Merina Kingdom. The 3colours of the country were white and red. From 1787 the flag was a white-red horizontal bicolour.

The area became a French protectorate called the Malagasy Protectorate in 1882 and a blue-white-red tricolour with a red crescent moon was flown in the area.

In 1897 Madagascar became a colony of France and the French blue-white-red vertical tricolour was flown.

In 1958 the area was renamed the Malagasy Republic, an autonomous republic of France. The modern red and green horizontal bicolour with a vertical white band on the left side was adopted. The flag remained the same when it became a socialist state in 1975 and a republic in 1992.

The Seal of Madagascar

The Seal of Madagascar was adopted in 1998 and features the red outline of the country in a white circle with green and red rays omitting from it. Below is a head of a Zebu and wreath of ravinala plants. Above are the words “REPUBLIC OF MADAGASCAR” and below “HOMELAND, LIBERTY, DEVELOPMENT.”

Historical Coat of Arms of Madagascar

Here are some examples of the historical Coat of Arms of Madagascar.

The Flag of the President of Madagascar

The Flag of the President of Madagascar is the national flag with the Seal of Madagascar centre right. “R.M’ is written in the white portion.

Flags of the Military of Madagascar

Here are some examples of the flags of Military Madagascar. They all feature the colours of the national flag.

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