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Malaysia Flag

Malaysia Flag

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History of the Malaysia Flag

Where in the world?
The crescent of the flag represents the country’s official religion of Islam.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 16th September 1963
Proportion 1:2
Design Fourteen alternating red and white horizontal stripes with a blue rectangle and yellow crescent and 14 point star in the top left corner.
PMS Red: 179 Blue: 282 Yellow: 109
Brief History

In 1511 the first de facto flag of Portuguese Malacca was the flag of Portugal. A plain white field with coat of arms of the King in the centre.

The Dutch gained control of Malaysia in 1641 and the red-white-blue horizontal tricolour with the coat of arms of the Dutch East India Company at the centre was adopted.

In 1826 the British took control of the south of Malaysia as the Straits Settlements. The flag adopted was both the flag of the East India Company, a 13 red-white alternating horizontal striped flag with Union Flag in the top left corner, and the Flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

The Northern Part of Malaysia was still under the control of the Kingdom of Netherlands and a red-white-blue horizontal flag was flown.

In 1896 the British established the Federated Malay States for the states of Selangor, Perak Negeri, Semvilan and Pahang. A four band white-red-yellow-black horizontal flag with white oval and tiger was adopted as the flag.

Between 1942 and 1945 the Japanese invaded Malaysia and claimed control. The Japanese national flag was flown featuring a white field with red sun.

The Flag of the Federated Malay States would also serve as the flag of the Malayan Union in 1946 in an attempt to unify the Malay Peninsula after the surrender of Japan. From 1948 to -1950 the flag was also that of the Federation of Malaya.

In 1950 a Fourteen alternating red and white horizontal striped flag with a blue rectangle and yellow crescent and 12-point star in the top left corner was adopted.

The star was altered to feature to fourteen points in 1963. Each point of the star represents the member states and government of Malaysia. The yellow represents the Malay Rulers, the blue the unity of the people.

The Coat of Arms of Malaysia

The Coat of Arms of Malaysia was adopted in 1963.

The shield is split into 10 parts depicting each of the flags of the states of Malaysia.  Surrounding the shield are two tigers, a crescent moon and 14 pointed star above and a banner stating “UNITY IN STRENGTH”.

The Flags of the State of Malaysia

Each State of Malaysia has a specific flag. Examples are below.

The Proposed Flags of Malaysia

When the area became the Federation of Malaya in 1950 there were three flags proposed. The first two were blue fields with 11 stars around a red crossed keris. The third flag was an 11 alternative red-white stripe flag with blue rectangle and yellow crescent moon and five pointed star.

The Historical Flags of Sultanates of Malaysia

There were various Sultanates which ruled parts of Malaysia with an original flag. Examples of the those flags are below.

The Historical Flags of the British in Malaysia

A lot of states of Malaysia were Colonised by the British. The flags adopted for those states were British Blue Ensigns with the national flag in the top left and badge of the colony in the centre right.

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