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Micronesia Flag

Micronesia Flag

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History of the Micronesia Flag

Where in the world?
The stars on the flag are arranged like the points of a compass.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 30th November 1978
Proportion 10:19
Design A sky blue field with four white five-pointed stars in a diamond shape in the centre.
PMS Blue: 277
Brief History

From the 16th century the Spanish colonised Micronesia and both the cross of burgundy flag, a white field and a large red crossing diagonal stripes, and the national Spanish flag would have been flown.

The final Spanish flag would have been the flag of Spanish East Indies, a red-yellow-red horizontal triband with the coat of arms centre left.

The Spanish sold the area to Germany in 1884. The country was governed by German New Guinea whose flag was a white field with the German national black-white-red horizontal tricolour top left and a black lion with fleur-de-lis centre right.

In 1914 the Japanese occupied the islands and by 1920 Micronesia was the official administrators of the islands as part of the South Pacific Mandate. The flag adopted was the Japanese white field with red sun flag.

America took control of the Islands in 1944 and the 38 stars and 13 contrasting red-white stripes flag of the United States of America would have been flown on the island.

In 1947 the area became one of the Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands chosen by the United Nations an under the governing of the United States of America. The first flag of this partnership was the sky blue field, white map and laurel flag of the United Nations.

As more states were added to the United States of America the more stars were added to the flag. Eventually leading to 50 stars by 1960.

In 1965 the Flag of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands was changed to a grey-blue field with six white five-pointed stars in a circle. Each star representing an Island in the Trust Territory.

When the Marshall Islands and Palau left the Trust Territory Yap, Pohnpei, Chuuk and Kosrate became the Federated States of Micronesia. A sky blue field with four five-pointed star was adopted. The blue field represents the Pacific Ocean with the stars representing the states.

The Seal of Micronesia

The Seal of Micronesia wad adopted in 1979. It features a sprouted coconut floating in the ocean above a banner stating “PEACE UNITY LIBERTY” and “1979) surrounding the image is a yellow rope the text “GOVERNEMENT OF THE FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA” and a blue border.

The Flags of the States of Micronesia

Each of the four states of Micronesia has a specific flag. Examples of those flags are below.

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