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Morocco Flag

Morocco Flag

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History of the Morocco Flag

Where in the world?
Each corner of the green pentagram represents the five colours of Islam.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 17th November 1915
Proportion 2:3
Design A plain red field with a green pentagram at the centre.
PMS Green: 393 Red: 193
Brief History

The first flag flown in Morocco was the flag of the Idrisid Dynasty in 788, who were known as the fathers of the state. The flag was a simple white field.

When the Almoravid Dynasty took power in 1070 they added text, that was probably the name of the dynasty, to the plain white flag.

Under the control of the Almohad Caliphate in 1121 their flag was a plain red field with a black and white chequered square at the centre.

When the Marinid Dynasty took control in 1244 the flag was changed. The plain red field remained, but with a golden-bordered rectangle and an eight-pointed star that was made up of two squares at the centre. During the Wattasid and Saadi Dynasty the flag remained the same.

In 1666 the flag under the Alaouite Dynasty was a plain red field.  The Dynasty remained until 1912 when Morocco came under the protection of France and Spain. The French flag was a plain red field with a green pentagram at the centre.

While under French Protectorate it was agreed that the northern part of Morocco would become a Spanish Protectorate. The Flag flown in this area was a red ensign with a green white-bordered flag with white pentagram in the top left hand corner.

The Riffians, who were in the northern part of Morocco, revolted in 1921 and created the Confederal Republic of the Tribes of Rif. Their flag was a plain red field with a white diamond inside of which was a green Islamic crescent moon and six-pointed star. The republic only lasted till 1926.

In 1923 the area known as the Tangier International Zone was attached to Morocco. The flag was a plain red field with green-bordered pentagram in the centre right and the coat of arms of Tangier International Zone in the left hand side.  The area was reintegrated into Morocco when it independent in 1956.

The Coat of Arms of Egypt

The Coat of Arms of Morocco was adopted on the 14th August 1957 and features a gold-bordered red shield with rising sun, Atlas Mountains and green pentagram.

There is a lion at either side of the shield, a bejewelled crown on top and a banner stating “IF YOU GLORIFY GOD, HE WILL GLORIFY YOU” in Arabic underneath.

The Royal Flags of Morocco

The Royal Standard of Morocco was adopted at some point in the 90s and features a plain green 1:1 flag with the coat of arms of Morocco at the centre.

The Royal Flag of Morocco features a plain red field with a gold-bordered green pentagram at the centre.

The Merchant Flag of Morocco

The Civil Ensign of Morocco is also the merchant flag and features a plain red field with a green pentagram at the centre with a gold crown with five-pointed gold star in the top left.

The Flags of the Moroccan Navy

The Ensign of the Moroccan Navy features a plain red field with green pentagram at the centre and a golden grown with five-pointed gold star.

The Naval Jack of the Moroccan Navy is a gold-bordered red swallow-tailed flag with a gold-bordered green pentagram at the centre.

The Flag of the Naval Force features a blue field with a border of golden plants and a green pentagram, crossed anchors and golden crown at the centre.

The Armed Forces Flags of Morocco

Here are some examples of the flags of the Armed Forces of Morocco, they all feature the pentagram and a 1:1 proportion.

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