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Qatar Flag

Qatar Flag

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Our digitally printed Qatar flags are made to a high quality, durable knitted polyester. Generated to the Flag Institute approved design, by us here in the UK. Each flag is hand finished with a double sewn hem for durability, and a headband, rope and toggle suitable for attachment to any standard flagpole.

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Our flags are manufactured to the highest standards. We offer flags in a choice of two materials, Hand Made National Flags, and Digitally Printed National Flags


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History of the Qatar Flag

Where in the world?
The flag is very similar to that of Bahrain and is as twice as wide than it is high.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 9th July 1971
Proportion 11:28
Design A maroon field with a white zig-zag band.
PMS Maroon: 222
CMYK Cyan 0% Magenta 100% Yellow 15% Black 60%
Brief History

In 1860 the flag of Qatar was a plain red field with a serrated white vertical stripe to the right side. Prior to 1860 the flag was a plain red field similar to those flown in the Gulf at the time.

Despite some opposition of the Qatar tribes the Ottoman empire took control of Qatar in 1971. While the flag of Qatar was still flown red field with white crescent and five pointed star flag of the Ottoman Empire was also adopted.

By 1913 Ottoman Empire had lost control of Qatar and by 1916 Qatar had military protection from Britain, officially becoming a British Protectorate. While the official flag was still the red national flag the Union Flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain would be flown.

Around 1936 the national flag was changed to a purple field with a deeper serrated white stripe with 10 purple diamonds and text reading “QATAR”. In 1949 the name and diamonds were removed from the flag.

In 1971 Qatar declared independence from Britain the colour of the flag changed from purple to maroon.

The nine zig-zags represent Qatar being the 9th member of the Persian Gulf. The maroon colour dates back to the early rulers and the white symbolises peace.

Due to the unusual proportions of the flag a more regular unofficial 3:5 version can be seen flown.

The Emblem of Qatar

The Emblem of Qatar was adopted in 1976. It features a yellow disc with crossed swords a boat, sea and palm trees. Surrounding the disk is a border made up up national flag with “STATE OF QATAR” in English and Arabic.

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