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Russia Flag

Russia Flag

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All of our printed Russia flags are produced by a process called Dye Sublimation. The system drenches each fibre of the fabric, resulting in a flag with wonderful precise colour, and vitally the design appears perfectly on each side. This is known as ‘printed through to reverse’ and is an important consideration when choosing your flag as both sides will be seen when flying.

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Russia Flag

History of the Russia Flag

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History of the Russia Flag

Where in the world?
The colours of the modern Russian tricolour have no specific meaning.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 11th December 1993
Proportion 2:3
Design A white-blue-red horizontal tricolour
Colours PMS – Blue: 293 C Red: 485 C
RGB – White: 225, 225, 225; Blue: 0, 0, 225; Red: 225, 0, 0
Brief History

The first modern, unofficial, flag was taken from Peter the Great. It was a white, blue, red tricolour. The official flag at this time was the Imperial Standard of the Tsar, which was a yellow banner with the Tsar’s rouble headed black eagle. A celebration flag was introduced in 1858 but the unofficial Peter the Great tricolour was still seen as the more popular flag.

In 1914 the Peter the Great tricolour with the imperial standard in the top left hand corner was also introduced as a private flag for the Tsar.

The October Revolution brought the end of the Monarchy and the rise of the Soviet regime. The first flag of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic featured the iconic red plain field with RSFSR in Russian in the top left hand corner.

The flag was changed to just feature a hammer and sickle with five-pointed star and a blue vertical line down the left hand side. It remained the State flag till the end of the Soviet empire.

The first flag of the Soviet Union came to be in 1923; originally it featured the Coat of Arms of the Soviet Union in the centre of a red field. This was quickly changed to the plain red Flag with the hammer and sickle with five-pointed gold star in the top right hand corner.

This was the main symbol for communism until the disintegration of the USSR in 1991.

The anti-Communist ‘White movement’ used a white, blue, red tricolour during the Russian Civil War and when Russia turned away from Communism in 1991 the new Russian Federation would take the tricolour flag.  In 1993 the flag underwent a proportion change.

The Standard of the President of the Russian Federation

The Standard of the President of the Russian Federation is a golden eagle that features on the Coat of Arms of Russia in front of a square Russian flag.

It is flown at the Kremlin, on the president’s vehicles, while he is at sea and in all other state agencies.

The Russian Coat of Arms

The Russian Coat of arms features the two headed eagle that has been used since the days of Peter the Great.

It is holding a sceptre and globe and protected by a shield depicting Saint George slaying a dragon. The eagle is on a plain red shield.

Unlike traditional coat of arms the eagle is gold rather than black.

The Military Flags of Russia

Here are some examples of the military flags of the Russian Federation.

The Proposed Flags of Macedonia

During the Soviet rule all the various Republics had flags similar to the Russian one. Here are examples of the flags of the other soviet states under Russia’s control.  Also included are the flags of autonomous republics that existed in the Soviet Union.

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